Tayanna - Free Character for G8F

3D Figure Essentials Characters posted on Feb 25, 2019 4984 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

1 Base skin texture and eyelash texture - Iray only
1 Full body morph, created in Blender
Skin texture was modified from 'G8F Free Merchant Skin Resource' by Shadoweagle on ShareCG.

UPDATED 4-28-2020 to fix missing textures error.

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Freestuff Comments


Winterbrose 4:04AM | Wed, 02 September 2020

Regarding the hair, it might be Classic Long Curly Hair with dForce for Genesis 8 Female(s) from Daz3D. )


Winterbrose 3:15AM | Wed, 02 September 2020

Just re-downloaded and re-installed to see if zip has been updated. We still have the missing eye texture error, and again it was corrected with a simple copy and rename as previously mentioned. NOTE: Even though we did get the popup error, the eyes are still textured but we prefer a seamless error-free load into the scene.


Winterbrose 3:03AM | Wed, 02 September 2020

For the original install, in Runtime / Textures we simply copied the eyes texture "a93--Tayanna-FREEFull--Tayanna-eyes.jpg" from the Iray folder up one level and renamed it to "Tayanna-eyes.jpg". Original download loads without error for us now.


ffpaws 7:29PM | Tue, 02 June 2020

Thank you. I am curious to know ow what hair you used in this render.

Alatarius 2:32PM | Mon, 27 April 2020

Tried to open the model and I get an error of ``` Missing Files: runtime/textures/anjeli93/alejandra/iray/a93-alejandra--alejandrabase--eyesrealiris0_1006.jpg runtime/textures/anjeli93/alejandra/iray/a93-alejandra--alejandrabase--eyesrealiris0_1006.jpg ``` I went to the folder and the files are indeed not there, I checked the zip file and those files were not there either. Where can I get these 2 files as I really like the look of this model.

Rugalele 3:44PM | Wed, 11 March 2020

Grazie mille


MarianneR 12:31PM | Wed, 04 December 2019

Thank you very much!

leeduva 12:15PM | Tue, 03 December 2019

Thank you!


Rapier69 9:31AM | Thu, 25 July 2019

Has become my favourite G8 character.


anjeli93 8:35AM | Wed, 12 June 2019

@Boo2u2 thank you! :) The outfit is here: [dForce Loincloth Collection for Genesis 8 Female(s)](https://www.daz3d.com/dforce-loincloth-collection-for-genesis-8-females)

Boo2u2 1:13AM | Wed, 12 June 2019

Very nice! Your creations fill the South Asian niche nicely. What outfit is she wearing BTW?


thelufias 2:45PM | Fri, 22 March 2019

Thank you very much


Axeye 11:41AM | Sun, 03 March 2019

She looks great thanks!


tweedledumart 1:52PM | Wed, 27 February 2019


Miscreate 12:48PM | Tue, 26 February 2019

Thank you, angeli!

miketee10021 12:32PM | Tue, 26 February 2019

Thank you!


poisinivy 8:31AM | Tue, 26 February 2019

Thank you very much she is very pretty


mininessie Online Now! 6:35AM | Tue, 26 February 2019

thank you so much!


anjeli93 10:13PM | Mon, 25 February 2019

I updated the info so it says that it can be used commercially and non-commercially. ☺️


anjeli93 10:07PM | Mon, 25 February 2019

@CajunBeauty, absolutely. :)

dvdbeverly 8:06PM | Mon, 25 February 2019

Beautiful, thanks!


CajunBeauty 4:38PM | Mon, 25 February 2019

Can we do commercial renders with her?

PhthaloBlue 4:04PM | Mon, 25 February 2019

Thank you! :smile: