Shawl for a93-dForce Salwar Kameez (Also Standalone!)

3D Figure Essentials posted on Dec 31, 2018 610 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for non-commercial use only.

Product Notes

This shawl/scarf was made to go with the Salwar Kameez, but you can use it with any other outfit as you see fit :)
Shawl material presets 1-5 correspond to the matching legging colors from 'a93 - dForce Salwar Kameez' and will only work correctly if you've bought that item.
Presets 6-10 are included in this package and you can use them on their own even without purchasing the product.
Morphs are available under Parameters and posing options for the back of the shawl can be found under Shawl>Hip>Abdomen Lower>Abdomen Upper>Chest Lower>Chest Upper>Cape.

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Freestuff Comments

) 6:16PM | Thu, 10 January 2019

Thank you very much. Looks really nice


anjeli93 9:34AM | Thu, 10 January 2019

@JonSea31, actually I didn't change the skin in any way. She looks much lighter in the promo pictures for the product, but I think it must be the result of the lighting in the render settings the creator used. Using the default Iray settings without any additional lighting, she looks as dark as in my render.

JonSea31 7:43AM | Thu, 10 January 2019

anjeli93, does the Amaya skin come with a dark skin texture as seen in the main photo depicting the African woman? I did find no such black skin on the Amaya description. How did you make the Amaya skin look like an African woman?


anjeli93 5:24AM | Thu, 10 January 2019

@JonSea31, the character whose skin I took is Amaya for the Girl 7 (Genesis 3 Female) <> I just checked and she's on sale right now too! Even if you don't have The Girl 7 i'm pretty sure you can use the skin maps on other Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 female characters.

JonSea31 5:07AM | Thu, 10 January 2019

I'd like to know, what is the name of the dark skin seen in this photo? And where can I purchase it?

PhthaloBlue 4:57PM | Tue, 01 January 2019

Thanks very much!


GrandmaT 10:04AM | Tue, 01 January 2019

Thank you!