ECH_ExoticDancePlatform 1.01 Part1

3D Models Props posted on Aug 25, 2018 1028 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes


Finally, I can say that I am happy to present you with this free exotic dancer prop and pose pack. What originally began as a simple asset to help a friend ballooned into a full blown project. Before I knew it, months have passed since I have been plugging away at this one piece at a time. Countless hours in my limited spare time have resulted in this asset. That said, it is a somewhat simple rigged prop. I have been posting renders previews of it from start to finish.

Despite the time fussing about I am sure that there will be some inevitable bugs in getting it over to you end-users. Please feel free to respond here if you have any problems or concerns. Requests for addons are welcome as well (within reason), though I do not make any promises in that regard.

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Freestuff Comments

Diletant59 Online Now! 1:14PM | Wed, 03 June 2020

Большое Вам спасибо За классную работу !!!!!


maneki_neko 5:35AM | Thu, 30 August 2018

thanks a lot! excellent prop ^^


Echidnaean 4:54AM | Thu, 30 August 2018

Thank you Nagra for making this port possible.

Nagra_00_ 4:50AM | Thu, 30 August 2018

A version for Poser11 SuperFly can be downloaded [here](


Echidnaean 7:39PM | Mon, 27 August 2018

I will see what I can do. I'm not too familiar with poser, but I've provided the OBJ file in the render-settings add-on for use in poser. Beyond that I have to look into how I save poser assets.


wolfesbain 2:41PM | Mon, 27 August 2018

I second Hector! What are the chances of a Poser version of this, it looks fantastic!


HectorNY 8:49AM | Mon, 27 August 2018

Any chance of a Poser version?


Echidnaean 1:31PM | Sun, 26 August 2018

You are welcome thelufias, I hope you enjoy.


thelufias 12:18PM | Sun, 26 August 2018

This is certainly AWESOME and I can imagine the amount of work that went into it. Marvelous and THANK YOU...and thanks for the update info also...


Echidnaean 8:45AM | Sun, 26 August 2018

In fact, I may be upgrading everything to H.Poses to avoid any issues.


Echidnaean 8:45AM | Sun, 26 August 2018

A pose fix is on its way. There was a little error I made during production testing. Please stand by.