Underwear Set for Genesis 2 Females

3D Figure Essentials posted on Oct 09, 2015 3342 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures: Genesis 2 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This is a set of underwear for the Genesis 2 Girls.
It has severals Panties and Bra or Tops and a Pantyhose. It comes in different colours for each set and has the know "Drop to floor" and "Fold" moprhs included.
The Underwear can be fitted under some of the dresses in my feeware section.
Hope you like it.

EDIT: Finally included the missing Files for the Bustier in V3!

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Palaemon Online Now! 2:26PM | Sun, 06 June 2021

Thank you!

thedarksideofme2017 6:49AM | Wed, 25 July 2018

cool thanks


carollee 6:01PM | Fri, 12 August 2016

Thanks for sharing=-)


destinycole2 1:44PM | Mon, 11 April 2016

thanks my Fiend thanks you x

murhen 2:58AM | Mon, 01 February 2016

Thank you very much.


james3dmc 1:10AM | Sat, 26 December 2015

Thank you!


therat 6:16PM | Sat, 19 December 2015

Awesome stuff. Thanx!


chriscox 8:17AM | Sun, 29 November 2015

Very cool... Thanks


t_nishi 8:19PM | Sun, 15 November 2015

Oh, Thank you very much! I was looking for just "messy underwear".


Deckart85 5:43AM | Sat, 07 November 2015

Finally realistic stuff on the floor :) Many thanks for this idea. As said by others before its hard to get regular clothes looking realistic just lying around. Also fitting very well to the models.

Beat578 1:18AM | Thu, 05 November 2015

Thanks for all your kind works. This really motivates me. I am working on new freebies. It'll take some time though, but it will be worth the wait hopefully.

Aggromemnon 6:25PM | Wed, 04 November 2015

These are top-flight. I've been using beat578's other freebies the last few weeks, and have been really pleased with them, but the utility and variety in this set rivals anything I've paid money for. Super-nice work, and thanks for the freebies!

Shalee 12:34AM | Tue, 03 November 2015

This fills a need that's been there for a long time. Girls don't simply wear the clothing, they leave it strewn all over the place. Especially on the floor. I've tried and tried to make regular clothing look realistic laying on the floor or on a chair and it's next to impossible. I would love to see you expand this concept. BTW, your lingerie looks and fits a model much better than most of the purchased items. Good job!!


savanna 11:54AM | Sat, 31 October 2015

Thx for sharing :)


renecyberdoc 2:36AM | Sat, 31 October 2015

absolutely gorgeous and generous!merci beaucoup.


jerife 8:05PM | Wed, 28 October 2015

Thankyou very much! I've loved your set. I was looking for stockings and the pantyhose works great as substitute. And yes, the 1_Bustier path is missing. If it helps it asks and does not find /data/beat_sandhofer/Product/Bustier/TOp_4051.dsf Thanks for all them


nobodyinparticular 3:23AM | Wed, 14 October 2015

Thank you for this. I was looking for something just like this. Love your drop morphs. Thanks in advance for the fix. I will never complain about feebies.

Beat578 8:29AM | Tue, 13 October 2015

Looks like there is an error in one of the clothings. I try to fix that on the weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience.

111jack 4:33AM | Tue, 13 October 2015

awesome thank you very much

miketee10021 11:18AM | Mon, 12 October 2015

Thank you!


jamesed1971 11:41AM | Fri, 09 October 2015

nice, just want the Genesis 2 Females need