Tyler JCM Control

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Product Notes

A set of poses allowing you to selectively turn off Tyler's automatic Joint Controlled Morphs (Bicep, Tricep, Ab, Deltoid, etc flexing and joint fixes). Recommended for the Intermediate user and/or content creator. Not recommended for indiscriminate use: unless you specifically *need* to disable his JCMs it is not recommended to do so. Possible uses include:-Fixing pokethrough issues on Tyler clothing or converted Ryan clothing that does not fully support Tyler's JCMs (such as Bicep Flex). -Useful as a tool for content creators to turn off JCMs for initial clothing conforming work. After the clothing is conformed to the base body, re-enable the JCMs to create matching JCMs in clothing.-Can be distributed with clothing* as an alternative to supporting the Tyler JCMs in the clothing (*note: See Distribution limitations in readme).

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