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requires DAZ|Studio, Morphing Fantasy Dress Unimesh Fits can find new icons :People/Genesis/Clothing/GenMFD_Dany66File list :...\My Library\People\Genesis\Clothing\GenMFD_Dany66...\My Library\Runtime\textures\DAZ\Clothing\Genesis\MFD_Dany66--------------------------------------------------1 open and apply GenMFD and EXP1... /My Library/People/Genesis/Clothing/GenMFD2 select in Scene GenMFD GenMFD, Collar1Exp1 ou Collar2Exp1, Collar3Exp1, ElbowRuffles2Exp1, OSkirtExp1,ShdrRufflesExp1, USleeves2Exp1 (UpSleeves2Exp1)3 apply Characters Presets GenMFD_Dany66.../My Library/People/Genesis/Clothing/GenMFD_Dany66Tutoriaux : there are many elements with Expansion Pack 1, you can change the storage directory for Charactersexample, rather than leave them in ...\Mes documents\Daz 3D\Studio\My Library\People\Genesis\Clothing\GenMFD_Dany66s store them in ...\Mes documents\Daz 3D\Studio\My Library\People\Genesis\Clothing\GenMFD_Exp1_Dany66 attention, leave the default installation directories for TexturesNote: USleeves2Exp1 in Content Library becomes UpSleeves2Exp1 in Scene

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