Pubic Hair Figure for Genesis V5 Anatomy Figure UPDATE!

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Product Notes

Update: Now includes the geometry file. I'm sorry it took 600+ downloads before I got an explanation about what was wrong.----No more texturemapped pubic hair, but polygon hair. Already transfered and rigged for the Victoria 5 Female Genital Figure.Unzip the file into your Dazd/Studio folder to make sure the files end up next to the Female Genital Figure.The read me file offers some more tips on rendering for realism.There are most likely more and better hair figures available, but this one is free and while not suited for close up renders, with a bit of camera distance it looks pretty good.Cheers and happy rendering!Ruhney71

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ruhney71 3:54AM | Sat, 11 February 2012

Andrew, thanks for explaning "what" was actually missing. I've updated the package.


Andrew_C 8:21AM | Thu, 09 February 2012

Nope, the data is not embedded it's just a plain text dsf file that wants to load the data from "/data/Ruhney71/Female%20Genetalia%20Add%20On/Pubic%20Hair/genesis_pubes_02.dsf". Open it in a text editor.


ruhney71 11:09AM | Mon, 09 January 2012

Hi Murgatroyd314, geometry is embedded in the daz content files. If you need/want the geometry, place the object and export it as obj. Cheers, Ruhney71

Murgatroyd314 7:39AM | Mon, 09 January 2012

Is it just me, or is the geometry data file missing?