Free Your PHP!

LillianH · September 28, 2004 11:57 am

Opportunity for Independent PHP Developers

Bondware 3.0 opens the doors for third-party PHP developers to create add-on modules for sale to Bondware 3.0 users.

Under this model, developers write the modules according to the Bondware/PHP Module Developers Guide. New modules can be uploaded directly via the website.

After each module is tested and certified, Bondware will offer the module for sale as a digital product through our online store. Bondware will handle the purchase/customer service/downloads; and, each month Bondware will promptly send developers royalty checks reflecting sales of their modules. Developers also receive access to our private module developers forum.

If interested , please contact us at for more information on the program. Or visit us on the web at: Try Bondware 3.0 for free for 15 days!

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