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Subject: Unimesh Exporter Python script for Poser 12

Ken1171_Designs opened this issue on Apr 13, 2022 · 3 posts

Ken1171_Designs posted Wed, 13 April 2022 at 7:29 PM

Unimesh Exporter for Poser 12

This is my 2nd script release for this month - the much anticipated "Unimesh Exporter" for Poser 12. It FINALLY makes it possible (and simple) to export UNIMESH geometry and morph targets straight from Poser, and use them in all other software that require a unimesh workflow, such as DAZ Studio, Blender, and iClone.


Here are some of the main features.


In the example below, I am making a new morph on the figure in Poser using the Morph Tool, exporting to unimesh OBJ using the script, and then loading it back in DAZ Studio 4 to the same figure - and it just works! No exploding figure! This offers the UNIMESH WORKFLOW that was never possible from Poser before.


You can finally export a UNIMESH morph target from Poser, sculpt it in Blender, and it won't open holes at unwelded seams, or explode the mesh when you bring it back to Poser or DAZ Studio.


Comes with BONUS profiles for 25 popular figures. If a figure is not included, the tool attempts to create one on-the-fly, AUTOMATICALLY, no questions asked.


Please note this tool only works with UNIMESH FIGURES - that is, figures whose original OBJ from the Geometries folder in Poser is in a single piece, and not split into body groups as separate meshes. It also requires original geometry that was well-formed and free of anomalies. If the tool attempts to create a profile, and fails, it means that either the figure is not unimesh, or the geometry has unresolved issues that were never addressed. In that case, it becomes impossible to export unimesh geometries out of it because any exports from this mesh result into a vertex count mismatch. I provide a list of 25 figures I know for a fact are supported in the manual, readme file, and at the product front page.

This is the kind of script I wish I had when I first started working with Poser 18 years ago. You can find it HERE, and watch the video demonstration below:

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