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Subject: Now Available - The Official Poser USB

ShaniaB opened this issue on Jun 11, 2021 · 2 posts

ShaniaB posted Fri, 11 June 2021 at 1:46 PM Site Admin


Poser users now have a new option for purchasing the seminal 3D modeling software, parent company Bondware Inc. announced on Wednesday, June 9.

Previously, users could only download the latest version and bonus 3D assets directly from the Poser website. Starting today (June 9, 2021), when a user buys a copy of Poser 12, they can add a physical copy of the software. A Poser-branded USB containing the most recent version of Poser and the additional bonus content will be mailed for $22.95, the cost of shipping and handling.

"We wanted to give our customers another option when they buy Poser. We know some of our loyal users have connectivity issues, making the full download difficult given the shear amount of additional content." ~ Tim Choate - President of Bondware Inc.

Not only does the USB drive contain the most recent version of Poser, it also includes more than 8 gigs of premium 3D assets, including Superfly lights by Blackhearted; HiveWire3D's Dawn, Dusk and Baby Luna figures; HiveWire3D's Gorilla for Dusk; and HiveWire3D's Horse, Big Dog and House Cat; and the original toon figure Maisie. In total, there is more than 15 gigs of additional content, which includes legacy content, like older figures, clothing and other assets that were previously included with Poser.

The Poser-branded USB can be found in the Poser store.

Users need occasional internet access to verify the Poser 12 license key.

Richardphotos posted Tue, 29 June 2021 at 8:32 PM

I purchased it just now. is there a backlog for mailing it to customers? if so, is there any guess about how long it might take? thanks for your help