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Subject: Scatter Tool Python Script for Poser 11

Ken1171_Designs opened this issue on Mar 08, 2021 ยท 6 posts

Ken1171_Designs posted Mon, 08 March 2021 at 2:16 AM

~Scatter Tool Python Script for Poser 11~

**This version only works in Poser 11. A new and improved version is being released for Poser 12 with even more features.

Scatter Tool for Poser 11 available at Renderosity HERE.

Whenever you wish to add lots of objects to your scene, each with their own scale/rotation variations, with option to align them to follow a surface, this tool can fully automate that for you. Randomly scatter props and figures over any plane or 3D solid with a push of a button!


The interface is simple, but powerful.


What's Included & Features:

Python Script (.py) Scatter Tool plug-in for Poser Features:

You can use the tool for a variety of applications, like for example, to create landscapes. The 2 examples below were made by scattering over the Poser ground plane.


You can use billboards to create entire forests where each tree is only a single poly, so even 200 trees wouldn't slow down Poser previews, and render much faster as well. Billboards can be made by rendering a high poly 3D tree, and then mapping it to a single-side square primitive from the Poser props > Primitives library. Don't know how to create billboard trees? Check my video tutorial and learn how quick and easy it is, using only a single render!


You can add variety to billboard forests by using the "Allow Flipping" option, which flips some billboards horizontally to add variety.


Billboards are not limited to trees. Create crowds of people like it was never possible in Poser before.


Add weeds to a ruined building.


Build a city out of low poly cubes:


Build a brick wall.


Make a maze out of cubes.


Scatter over flat planes or morphed surfaces. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE ON HOW TO DO THAT.

Learn about the Scatter Tool scene manager. VIDEO TUTORIAL PART 1 AND PART 2.

Learn how to scatter over specific places, instead of all over the place. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE.!

Scatter Tool for Poser 11 available at Renderosity HERE.!!

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