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Subject: Joanna - StudioArtVartanian....Please Read

KristiS opened this issue on Jul 21, 2016 ยท 301 posts

KristiS posted Thu, 21 July 2016 at 10:39 AM

Hi Everyone -

It is with a VERY heavy heart that I come in today to tell you that our Dear Joanna/StudioArtVartanian has passed away suddenly. We have no information as to when services will be or other information. But we wanted you all to know before you had to find out outside of our Renderosity Family.

Joanna was very loving, caring and genuine. She had such a kind heart and would do whatever she could to help anyone when needed. There are not too many people like her left in the world and she will be dearly missed.

I will miss her and the kind words she always had for me as well as the Hugz and Smiles, she ended every email with.

If anyone has anything they would like to share with her Mom (I'm sure she would love to hear it as she is devastated and lost) please send an email to or and we will pass them on to her.

With a heavy heart, I say farewell Joanna, you will forever be loved and remembered by all whose lives you've touched.

We are working on putting something together to honor this beautiful lady so please keep an eye out, I will post it in the Community forum when we get everything all lined up.

Here is the Eulogy written by long time friend renapd (Rena):

Some people are born under a star.

Too talented, too gifted, too special, with an incredible aura that brushes off positively to all those around them.. Jo was one of those charismatic people!

What I will always remember of Jo is not her incredible work but mostly her glorious laughter! Deep, unique and loud, coming from her heart! Since the moment I found out of her untimely and tragic loss, that happy laughter of hers, keeps playing over and over in my head!

Jo was a happy, joyful person! The type you loved to socialize with, chat and have fun with! Somehow she always magically managed to bring a smile on your own face too!

Her sketchbook of the Arts Degree that she got was too limited to hold her endless ideas..She loved to explore and conquer new software frontiers! Jo was one of a kind of a stubborn, superb 3d-creator, a true hard worker, a generous personality, eager to help others without a second thought.. but mostly a curious kid at heart!

Her social circle.. was quite limited! Family and a handful of selected close friends among vendors and store staff. I consider myself extremely privileged to be among them.. to be the one not just close to Jo but her mother too.

Jo will not be missed terribly only by people.. a neighborhood of cats and dogs that she was always looking after and caring will miss her terribly too! Her pure heart was melting at the sight of an abandoned kitten or an injured one. She wouldn't hesitate to spend a fortune to the vet and nurse them back to health with love and sleepless nights care. One of her favorite pets was a one eyed cat! A couple of litters had been born under her very own bed.. stray cats that would walk inside her open door at winter time. That's the kind of person Jo was!

Usually, when I start typing... I keep writing endlessly, paragraph after paragraph trying to keep up with my thoughts, most of you know what a blabber mouth I am.

But this time.. I find myself numb and at loss of words! I just can't bring myself to say "goodbye" to Jo!

So farewell my friend.. till we meet again, you will be missed more than you know!




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