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Subject: Library objects load very slowly

Bastep opened this issue on Feb 19, 2024 ยท 11 posts

Y-Phil posted Tue, 20 February 2024 at 1:34 AM

Oh there's a third thing you can check: Windows is one of the worst thing when it comes to indexing the files, in particular: its search engine seems to be programmed with 100% inefficiency in mind.
I've stripped down the folders list it handles down to a minimum: the Windows folders, any Program Files folders too, plus a few other places, but I've strictly prohibited () to touch any Runtime folder, as well as the other resources for Poser. Poser's own search index is enough.
And when I need to search for any file, on any NTFS-based drive, Everything finds it as fast as you can type, free, from

NTFS-based drives only? I don't now for the others but NTFS has a builtin catalog of filles, and Microsoft has never thought they could have based their own search engine on their own disk management. The only hope: their own artificial unintelligence may one day suggest them some smart ideas...


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