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Subject: Dynamic Clothes WIPs for La Femme 2

odf opened this issue on Dec 02, 2023 ยท 213 posts

odf posted Tue, 30 January 2024 at 2:20 AM

Thanks for the handy chart, SIGASIGA! I was vaguely aware of the naming but hadn't seen it summarized so nicely before.

Let me use this to explain why so far, I haven't considered going below the knees: I've already made knee high and low-cut socks for her as separate items (in the bookworm and adventurer sets), invisible does not work with this system, and with extra low cut, quarter and mid-calf, I'm not sure how often they would be used. It's really easy to fine-tune the length in the material room, so the presets are just a convenience for what I expect to be the most popular cuts and not meant to cover all possibilities.

If I add more lengths, one option would be to do either knee-high or mid-calf plus one of quarter, low-cut and extra low-cut. So, I don't know, have a vote? :grin:

-- I'm not mad at you, just Westphalian.