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Subject: Dynamic Clothes WIPs for La Femme 2

odf opened this issue on Dec 02, 2023 ยท 213 posts

odf posted Mon, 01 January 2024 at 9:33 PM Online Now!

Miss B posted at 9:17 PM Mon, 1 January 2024 - #4479863
odf posted at 4:59 PM Mon, 1 January 2024 - #4479855

. . . what's even easier than that is making a full-length bodysuit from toes to shoulders and turning the top part of that invisible.

Yes, I've seen that done over the years, and it works great.  :slight_smile:

Yeah, it would have been very surprising if I was the first person to discover that. :slight_smile:

-- I'm not mad at you, just Westphalian.