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Subject: Dynamic Clothes WIPs for La Femme 2

odf opened this issue on Dec 02, 2023 ยท 205 posts

odf posted Tue, 26 December 2023 at 6:08 PM Online Now!

LapinDeFer posted at 7:30 AM Tue, 26 December 2023 - #4479595

I am very curious about the knitwear procedural (i.e. a screenshot would be welcome...)

Well, it's pretty messy, but here's the big compound node that I add noise to taste to and plug into the bump channel. For visualization purposes, the scale value is much lower here than in a real fabric. Knit uses three kinds of compound nodes in turn, Tiling, Bump and Zigzag. Tiling converts uv-space to allow for repeating patterns. It has two scale inputs and an angle. I later notices I needed an offset as well, which is why currently only one of the Tiling nodes has that (call it V2). The bump node makes a bump, it's basically the function x * (1 - x) with a bit of tweaking. It's used to make threads and ribs. Zigzag creates a mask to distinguish between thread directions. It's mostly made up of modulo operations.

The color variations are just done with cloud nodes, which I don't think I need to show.

If we go into any more detail, we should probably move it to one of the general Poser forums.

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