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Subject: Are you impressed with Poser 13 ?

enigma-man opened this issue on Mar 30, 2023 ยท 132 posts

hornet3d posted Thu, 30 March 2023 at 3:26 PM

For me the purchase, download and install was no trouble.  I then had a senior moment and got myself tied in knots while adding runtimes and my first attempts at rendering.  All down to me and nothing to do with the program.  I then thought I had a problem with textures until I realised if I started with an empty scene from the launcher it was indeed empty.  Once I realised I needed to add a light my texture problem disappeared, see how confused I can get.

So now up and running.  Renders are indeed very much faster and the program releases the render when complete very much quicker.

I used the Superfly GPU high for my test render that includes my character, hair with the Ghostship hair shaders and the CKV01 outfit, all of which would figure in a lot of my renders with them, all working it gets me off to a good start.



I use Poser 13 on Windows 11 - For Scene set up I use a Geekcom A5 -  Ryzen 9 5900HX, with 64 gig ram and 3 TB  storage, mini PC with final rendering done on normal sized desktop using an AMD Ryzen Threadipper 1950X CPU, Corsair Hydro H100i CPU cooler, 3XS EVGA GTX 1080i SC with 11g Ram, 4 X 16gig Corsair DDR4 Ram and a Corsair RM 100 PSU .   The desktop is in a remote location with rendering done via Queue Manager which gives me a clearer desktop and quieter computer room.