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Subject: Poser 13 Release

arrow1 opened this issue on Mar 23, 2023 ยท 89 posts

hornet3d posted Thu, 30 March 2023 at 2:28 PM

Ken1171_Designs posted at 2:24 PM Thu, 30 March 2023 - #4460040

The materials and folder organization of the new included contents have changed. It is highly recommended to remove the previous contents before installing to avoid mixing new and old files that use different materials and folder structures. If you just overwrite the old included contents, it will make a mess. 

Thank you for the tip.  As an aside the first thing I did was install all of the scripts I have of yours, quite painless and they all launch so it looks good.  i will check them out when I have some content to work with.



I use Poser 13 on Windows 11 - For Scene set up I use a Geekcom A5 -  Ryzen 9 5900HX, with 64 gig ram and 3 TB  storage, mini PC with final rendering done on normal sized desktop using an AMD Ryzen Threadipper 1950X CPU, Corsair Hydro H100i CPU cooler, 3XS EVGA GTX 1080i SC with 11g Ram, 4 X 16gig Corsair DDR4 Ram and a Corsair RM 100 PSU .   The desktop is in a remote location with rendering done via Queue Manager which gives me a clearer desktop and quieter computer room.