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Subject: Poser 13 Release

arrow1 opened this issue on Mar 23, 2023 ยท 89 posts

vopehov506 posted Thu, 30 March 2023 at 1:36 PM

It just makes me remember the Lucky-Bags in the 70's as kids we just loved them and could not wait getting some little cash on the weekends to get one of these. They had a cone form ( Cone Paper bags ) full of surprises and candy ! 

This release of Poser 13 just gave me a happy backflash. Good marketing strategy, Improvements that you can't see as there for later upgrades, content that you will find out what they are after you purchase and open that Lucky Bag. Walking and talking Models that you will see once you made your investments. 

Well that sure is Funny and I am amusing my self big time, for sure ! I just hope not to loose more clients that use poser in the near future.