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Subject: Are you impressed with Poser 13 ?

enigma-man opened this issue on Mar 30, 2023 ยท 132 posts

ader posted Thu, 30 March 2023 at 11:27 AM

That texture thing sounds like the same sort of sheet show we have with Poser 12 when using products we have previously purchased.

My guess is they upgraded cycles without caring that it breaks older content. Again. It should check the materials when they are loaded and provide the option to fix/change them to ensure backwards compatibility imho. 

I've not tried the trial yet, and as a second-class citizen (Mac user) I won't be until they release not only a Mac version, but a Mac version that is native Apple Silicon and supports GoZ for ZBrush 2023.

On that subject, the new posing features (proxy posing) in ZBrush 2023.1 mean that where I have been taking sculpts back to Poser for rendering I am more likely to just ditch Poser now. In ZBrush I can quickly and easily pose and animate figures that have millions of polygons.