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Subject: Candle flame shader (3D mesh) for Poser Firefly

3dcheapskate opened this issue on May 25, 2022 ยท 6 posts

3dcheapskate posted Wed, 25 May 2022 at 11:29 PM Online Now!

When I origiinally decided to try and make a candle flame shader I started the Candle Flame Shader For Firefly... (Use Postwork Answer Is For Cowards!) topic in the Poser Official forum here, so that's the best place to look if you want to see more of the background to this little project.

There's also a Poser firefly candles ? topic over on the Hivewire3D content development forum which ran in parallel.

Although there is some duplication it's worth looking at both topics because some things were only posted on one or the other.

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