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Subject: Geo - graphing in poser ?

bluto opened this issue on Nov 19, 2020 ยท 12 posts

an0malaus posted Thu, 17 December 2020 at 2:29 PM

Unless there is a drastic change to the Poser CR2/PZ3 file format, which removes features present for Traditional rigging, there should be no reason why a body part replacement with an actor containing its own mesh definition (not referring to a named group within the figure obj file) can't be done.

What Poser lacks presently, is any automated mechanism to transfer morph deltas to an unmorphed replacement actor. However, if the replacement has the majority of its vertices and facets in identical positions to those of the original actor, it is eminently possible to transfer morph deltas to the matching vertices via python script.

That could possibly be worked around by creating a dummy figure, whose only actor with geometry is the one which will replace an actor on the original figure. Conforming the dummy figure to the original, would then allow the Copy Morphs From feature to be applied. Identical vertices should get a very close match to the original deltas, while vertices further away from the original actor's surface will probably need some manual adjustment, in the same way that clothing does.

Maintaining vertex order and the mapping from the original figure's replaced actor to the replacement actor is difficult but certainly not impossible.

It will take some experimentation to see what the eventual internal unimesh Poser changes in how figures are handled and morphs transferred. Lots of things which are difficult now will hopefully be possible, if not actually easier when that change comes through.

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