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Subject: HiveWire Closing Down

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wolf359 posted Thu, 03 December 2020 at 7:11 PM

Another way to handle figures that are not meant for Poser is to make a morph for an existing Poser figure that looks like the figure you want. In this example, I have morphed >DawnSE to look >like Aiko6 in Poser.

That is exactly how Reallusion solved the"genesis issue" for Iclone /CC3

Shape projection.?

Here is "DawnSE"(AKA the CC3 base female) In CC3 pipeline, wearing one of my custom outfits modeled Blender, and Syyd Ravens"vanilla sky" skin and Aeon souls "Nova" Hair

All converted with one click of the CC3 "transformer" tool.

this "Dawn" can now use all of Iclone's body & facial animation tools ,skin gen system, etc or be exported to Maya, Blender,unity UE4, whatever.

If bondware could lease this technology from Reallusion it would likely put an end to this endless demand for genesis support from that highly vocal segment of the user base.?dAWN.JPG

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