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Subject: HiveWire Closing Down

arrow1 opened this issue on Dec 01, 2020 ยท 51 posts

wolf359 posted Thu, 03 December 2020 at 6:33 PM

That's not entirely true, as there are total workarounds to get the Genesis flexibility and yet still keep the 'character' of a 3rd-party figure...

(Yes, that's NearMe's head, on a Genesis 3 Female's body. It's drop-easy to do. I whipped it up >to razz >my stepdaughter over >something.)

A fully functional genesis 3 female wearing a smart propped head prop does not meet any reasonable definition of a "third party figure" in Daz studio.?

Of course there are people using Dawn & dusk in daz studio and thier are excellent biped sci- fi mechs from DZfire

However a human figure as commercial product competing directly with the genesis figures and their HD morphs,Iray Materials,autofit etc is a fools gambit in Daz's little petty fiefedom.

They are desparately trying to convince users of the major 3DCC to use Genesis in Maya,Max Blender etc,however they have very little interest in having other figure makers import figures into Daz studio as evidenced by their broken FBX "importer"

Such third party figure would not foment daz store content sales which is why Daz demanded such exclusivity for those HW animals as described by Ken_1171

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