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Subject: HiveWire Closing Down

arrow1 opened this issue on Dec 01, 2020 ยท 51 posts

Penguinisto posted Thu, 03 December 2020 at 3:33 PM

wolf359 posted at 3:24PM Thu, 03 December 2020 - #4406218

IMHO trying to get a third party, non genesis human figure,adopted by the Daz studio user base, is a pointless excercise as Genesis 8 is the primary figure of the Daz eco system.?

That's not entirely true, as there are total workarounds to get the Genesis flexibility and yet still keep the 'character' of a 3rd-party figure...

(Yes, that's NearMe's head, on a Genesis 3 Female's body. It's drop-easy to do. I whipped it up to razz my stepdaughter over something.)

Anyway, speaking of which, Hivewire has a similar anime head-graft thingy that I really like as well.

Did not know they kept the DS fires burning over there, but it makes total sense. Just that you rarely see it in DS (outside of HW, naturally).