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Subject: HiveWire Closing Down

arrow1 opened this issue on Dec 01, 2020 ยท 51 posts

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For what it's worth and clarification's sake, I remind you that I don't know anymore than you lot. However, ONLY the actual store will be shutting down and closing. The Forum and the products will continue. The Hivewire products will be sold through the Rendo store.

Well, that's good. I really like what I've seen of Dawn 2 so far.

It's probably for the best. I hate shopping at Hivewire, FWIW, and it would be a lot more convenient if their products were sold here instead. If only so I can keep track of what I've already purchased.

Hivewire DOES keep track of what you've already purchased.

I know that, but if something is for sale both here and there, you could end up buying it twice.

I find Hivewire difficult to search. There's no way to search your purchases, at least that I've ever found. Both Rosity and DAZ let you do that. Rosity and DAZ also let you search for Poser products only, but Hivewire mixes DS and Poser stuff, and you can't separate them.

I must be missing something. Hivewire tells me when I've bought something I'm looking at or not, and I can check my downloadable products list to see what I already have.