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Subject: What the heck happened to Apollo Maximus??

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adzan posted Mon, 22 January 2018 at 10:17 AM

lonelybat1989 posted at 9:45AM Mon, 22 January 2018 - #4322730

Zombie thread!

So, after not having AM for many years, eventually deleting him from my runtime due to lack of clothes, I've recently reinstalled Apollo. The lack of clothing will no longer be an issue, since I have all the XD licenses. However... his facial expressions are a little... limited. Are there add ons that add more flexablity to the lips and eyebrows? Or am I going to be resigned to scuplting the needed expressions in zBrush?

Other than that: Wow. I was stupid for uninstalling him all those years ago. Great figure. I have a feeling I'll be utilizing him ALOT.

Hi. Apollo includes 17 expressions - you can view them by selecting his head and they are listed next to the dials starting with Exp. So ExpEyesFear; ExpSmile01 etc etc..

Carodan included some expressions in some of his free morph sets - his website is down but you can get the sets from the wayback machine site here:

the PoserAddicts internet store has some expression sets available for sale - Just type apollo maximus in the search box on the left of their store web page and look for expression or mood sets by Ixdon, RxD, Teris and Yve.

Sadly quite a few of the Apollo Maximus free items listed in the Renderosity Freestuff section have dead links.