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Subject: What the heck happened to Apollo Maximus??

Anim8dtoon opened this issue on Aug 05, 2015 ยท 225 posts

LeeMoon posted Mon, 19 October 2015 at 12:13 PM

quietrob posted at 12:05PM Mon, 19 October 2015 - #4234214

Those Muscle Morphs are amazing! Are they currently available?

Hi there quietrob! If you're talking about the morphs in my renders, the answer is yes (sort of.) You can download my MoonToons morph poses here in Freestuff. However, you need to have the Cole morphs for Apollo to make them work properly. I'm not sure if Cole is still available or not (the vendor is Capsces.) Beth's morph work for Cole is amazing. My MoonToons poses only set the parameter dials to create the various characters and as such rely on both Anton's original morphs for Apollo as well as Beth's Cole morphs.

On another note, the Matthew Rush morph is not included with the MoonToons morph pose pack. Perhaps if there was enough interest in it, I might release that morph pose separately.

Anyway, I hope some of you will find the MoonToons morph poses interesting and use them to create your own cool characters. I'd love to see what you all come up with. :-)