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Subject: Everything Aiko

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Redfern posted Wed, 27 May 2015 at 5:24 PM

Some may reasonably assume this is LittleFox's "Melody", basically A3's body geometry with her head replaced by custom sculpted polygons...but it's not.  This is actually Aiko 3 sporting heavily reshaped facial features using morphs Beth Capsces developed and released.  The textures are a long out of production set by Daio called "Felis Sapiens".  Originally intended for Victoria 3, since both figures have the same mapping, Aiko can use them just as well.  The digitigrade feet came from JENelson (usually going by Achronicity within anthro' fandom).  He labeled the set "Kasa for A3".  Alas, he closed his MarketPlace store.  These are actually a "beta" of the revised package he had planned.  You may recognize the outfit as a DAZ item that was free for a long time.  The shin pieces (made for the cat feet) are part of a freebie set Idelacio currently offers upon his Deviant Art page, the "Retro Skirt".  Originally sold at RDNA, it is now free.  He also offers an add-on (which was always free) that retextures the outfit to look like Lt. Uhura's uniform from classic Star Trek.

This was originally an entry for a small contest within the DAZ forums, the prizes privately supplied by a forum member.  I came in third and got a 5 buck certificate.



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