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Subject: Everything Aiko

FightingWolf opened this issue on May 26, 2015 ยท 529 posts

Redfern posted Tue, 26 May 2015 at 6:57 PM

I recently used Aiko 3 to depict a character I created some 25 years ago (or there about) originally in graphite.

Here's the best scan I have of a graphite based drawing (sorry for the small resolution)...

And here's the A3 version of her...

I combined pieces from several sets I had on hand, the most distinctive elements being the jacket and the shoes from the "Tail Gunner" collection.

I named her Miko Yakamura and she's part of the same "universe" as K'tharr Rauthimas, a female ailuromorph some of you may have seen in my gallery.



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