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Subject: Anyone to test a script of mine to mix M4 and K4

colorcurvature opened this issue on Feb 23, 2013 ยท 134 posts

momodot posted Thu, 04 April 2013 at 3:39 PM

I would happy to give a try. I have been a successful vendor and I am a regular tester at an other Poser site store. There is certainly no issue using other peoples renders for promo in my experience but you know... Dimension3D and others have sold utilities with no renders in the promo at all. Fancy renders are just a matter of the vendor wanting to promoting sales as much as possible. A simple single image promo is fine so long as it don't misrepresent the product. I have seen heavily post-worked renders in the Marketplace identified as "artistic renders" and I have seen other promo images that are just a logo and/or screencap of the script/utility dialog box. Any one render in this thread would be sufficient if your objective is only to get this distributed via the store - fancy promo renders are mainly about "product differentiation" to use a Marist term... getting lots of people to buy your generic dial-spin character or generic sexy outfit or hair for V4. Your product will sell to people who understand it and want to work with it rather then as an impulse purchase by people struck by a shiny promo render. One option would be to rely on the linked Gallery renders that are posted once the product is up... I for one always check the "Gallery" tab on a product..