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Subject: Anyone to test a script of mine to mix M4 and K4

colorcurvature opened this issue on Feb 23, 2013 ยท 134 posts

colorcurvature posted Mon, 25 March 2013 at 2:40 PM

Maybe on M4 the effect is not so strong. On V4, with Morph_To_K4 dialed, you will note that when you dial the side side on the thighs, the thighs become pretty "flat". With K4, this does not happen. Just place both figure next to each other into the scene and compare. Its because V4 has bulge settings there to flatten the thighs when rotated. But when morphed towards K4, that bulge is too much. The legs get very very flat. The bulge program reduces the bulge intensity towards K4.