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Blacksmith3D & Texture Transformer Support F.A.Q (Last Updated: 2023 Feb 22 2:00 pm)

BLACKSMITH3D Version FreeTrial & Updates

FOR WIN: http://blacksmith3d.com/files/Blacksmith3D-v7.0.6.0-Win.zip 

Please see our video tutorials at YouTube.com/user/Blacksmith3d/videos, visit Our Store, or Our FreeStuff. Stay up to date with the newest versions by subscribing to our Email Update List for Blacksmith3D and Texture Transformer.Please remember to add renderosity.com to your safe senders lists. 

Click on these links for our Blacksmith3D and Texture Transformer Manuals and Blacksmith3D Manual resource files for tutorials 

Texture Transformer Version FreeTrial & Updates

FOR WIN: TextureTransformer-v2.0.6.0-Win 

The current Blacksmith3D version is (Free Trial same as unregistered version, so trial users do not need to download and install additional software, simply buy the license and register through the Trial when ready). PLEASE CLICK HERE for additional links to older versions or the TTv2 base packs.

Get the Latest Blacksmith3D Version 7 Updates or Free Trials

FOR WIN: Blacksmith3D-v7.0.6.0-Win.zip
FOR MAC: Blacksmith3D-v7.0.6.0-Mac.zip

Blacksmith3D v7 Manual

Download the latest version of the manual BlackSmith3D Version 7 Manua" target="_blank">here.
Please note that the manual will be updated regularly, so please check in often for the latest version.

Get the Latest Texture Transformer Version 2 Updates or Free Trials

FOR WIN: TextureTransformer-v2.0.6.0-Win.zip
FOR MAC: TextureTransformer-v2.0.6.0-Mac.zip

Texture Transformer v2 Manual

Download the latest version of the manual here.

Get the last Blacksmith3D Version 6 Updates

FOR WIN: Blacksmith3D-v6.3.0.0-Win.zip
FOR MAC: Blacksmith3D-v6.3.0.0-Mac.zip
Blacksmith3D v6 Manual Download the version 6 of the manual here.
Get the Latest Texture Transformer Version 1 Updates
FOR WIN: TextureTransformer-v1.2.0.0-Win.zip
FOR MAC: TextureTransformer-v1.2.0.0-Mac.zip
Last Blacksmith3D Version 5

FOR WIN: Blacksmith3D-v5.1.0.10-Win.zip
FOR MAC: Blacksmith3D-v5.1.0.10-Mac.zip

New Texture Transformer Base Packs for Blacksmith3D version 7 and Texture Transformer version 2


No new purchase needed for the TTv2 add-on pack updates. Please use your Renderosity Purchase History HERE to get the new TTv2 Packs for any of the Add-on transformation packs that you have purchased. Just make sure to only download the zip files that start with "TTv2".

Support Materials

Here we have a set of project and template files used in the tutorials.


Visit our official Blacksmith3D & Texture Transformer Forum to get support assistance and share your Blacksmith3D & Texture Transformer project renders with other B3D and TT users. We love to see how people are using our software



  • Improvements to post unwarp feature and unwarper tools
  • Fixed issue that prevented some DUF files from being loaded
  • Various improvements to DUF file reading
  • Can now now import/export all common iRay channels in DUF files ( except ambient, not equivalent )
  • Fixed issue copying thumbnail files in Texture Transformer when international characters appear in the file path
  • Fixed obscure case where entire model would become invisible after deforming
  • Texture Transformer now exports two preset files for anatomy packs, one for main character and one for anatomy
  • Various improvements to Texture Transformer


  • Hair Strands are now illustrated better when pasting... hidden geometry portions are rendered partially transparent while visible portions are rendered opaque. Makes it easier to align and rotate the roots since you can see what portions will be below the growth surface.
  • Implemented 2D rotations when pasting hair strand. Up-Down will control one axis and Left-Right the other axis.
  • Removed "Paste Using Corners" option for hair strand pasting since it was problematic. New visual cues ( see above ) make it easier to align hair strands without this feature.
  • Fixed "jumpy" initial angle when rotating hair strands as you paste.
  • Hair Strands may now be created/pasted onto morphed growth surface ( previously, only the base vertices of the growth surface was considered )
  • Fixed bug that occurred when attempting to paste a hair strand after deleting strand(s)
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with interface overlay panels that may be overlapping each other on startup.


  • Fixed issues derived from international character sets. Software will now register properly is user account has extended characters, and can run from folders that contain extended characters in the path. Also, import/export options and file name generation now works work extended characters.
  • Fixed issues with Strand Straightener and Strand Restore tools
  • Fixed several technical issues with Template import/export
  • Hair Symmetry Improvement: Hair strands can now cross center line at the root while still preserving proper symmetry. Hold ALT key to force a single strand centered across the center line.
  • Fixed issue with Quick Renderer while deforming, now draws quickly without attempting a full quality render.
  • Fixed several issues related to registration
  • Fixed issues with Texture Transformer on OS X not displaying the transformation names in the drop-down box.
  • Fixed interface issues on OS X when Texture Transformer has been launched ( now properly hiding the main window of Blacksmith3D )
  • Fixed dark-grey checkboxes in Texture Transformer wizard when used from within Blacksmith3D.
  • Fixed issue not using proper file name for MAT package export.


  • Initial release of Blacksmith3D-v7 and Texture Transformer v2

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