DM Production's Christmas Sale!

hopeandlove · December 8, 2012 12:30 am

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Prime Flash

Keep your eye out for Prime Flash!

The Renderosity MarketPlace is excited to bring our Prime Members an exciting new opportunity to save BIG on a variety of products from your favorite vendor(s).

Prime Flash will be a place that Prime Members can frequent to find sales on products with discounts of up to 50% off their retail price. The sales on each product will vary so it's important that all Prime Members bookmark this department and check frequently to ensure that no deals are left undiscovered. These special offers are exclusive to Prime Members and are just another perk of being part of the best paid membership option for great digital content!

You can view Renderosity's Prime Flash department Here

SuperHero Villians for G2M & G3M Volume 1

By GriffinFX

8.24 USD     60% Off

4.40 USD

Deep Waters

By ornylia

12.00 USD     50% Off

6.00 USD

Timeless for BackWhen by nirvy

By chasmata

9.99 USD     65% Off

3.50 USD

Honey for Spring Bride

By sandra_bonello

9.50 USD     50% Off

4.75 USD

Flinks Flowers - Flower 2 - Gerbera

By Flink

8.92 USD     70% Off

3.57 USD

InStyle - B-Girl VIII

By -Valkyrie-

5.89 USD     55% Off

3.50 USD

The Lake Poser

By JeffersonAF

12.00 USD     40% Off

9.60 USD

Harvest Moons Baby Mine


10.00 USD     60% Off

4.00 USD

Flirty G3F

By kaleya

9.95 USD     60% Off

3.98 USD

Distressed Chinese Appliques

By antje

8.25 USD     40% Off

4.95 USD

Legacy UVs for Genesis 3: V4

By CaymanStudios

16.95 USD     50% Off

8.47 USD

Medieval Tannery

By Dante78

6.37 USD     59% Off

3.50 USD

Body Chain for Genesis 3 Female

By xtrart-3d

7.50 USD     53% Off

3.50 USD

Helix for Nova G3F

By Sveva

6.37 USD     59% Off

3.50 USD

Z Sin & Virtue Bathroom + Poses

By Zeddicuss

12.40 USD     70% Off

4.65 USD

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