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May 1, 2013 12:45 am

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Get The Most From Your Renderosity Membership

Are you interested in saving time, energy and money as well as learning new and valuable information?

Hopefully you answered the previous question with a resounding 'YES'! The greatest tool available to ALL Renderosity Members to better manage their experience is to sign-up to receive Renderosity Newsletter's. By selecting 'Yes' on your account profile page, you'll receive weekly updates on the Hottest & Latest MarketPlace products, current Renderosity site promotions, available contests, industry news, free items and much, much more!

As if you needed any additional incentive to sign-up to receive Renderosity Newsletters - during the Month of May we'll be giving away Renderosity Gift Certificates every Tuesday to a group of randomly selected newsletter subscribers. We'll wrap up the month of May by offering something extra special to ALL Renderosity Newsletter Subscribers so be sure to sign-up today!

Week 1 Winners of a $10 Renderosity Gift Certificate: DoctorAcula, Milisia, ofertall, ecknar & monsternut.

Week 2 Winners of a $10 Renderosity Gift Certificate: YanikL, xaciter, Longlj555, Denis & angelernst.

Week 3 Winners of a $10 Renderosity Gift Certificate: rafy360, eymer, DWGS1, Upcaste & Talouse.

Week 4 Winners of a $10 Renderosity Gift Certificate: sixxPENCE, ewiskan, msferg, grjd121 & PaulBeede.

Click Here to visit your account page and select 'Yes' today!


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redhorse ( posted at 9:40AM Wed, 01 May 2013

Thanks for finally making this optional! Also, its on the "My Profile" page - not the "My Account" page.