December Deals | Day 6

December 6, 2012 12:30 am

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December Deals - All month long!

This year, the Renderosity MarketPlace is your destination to find great December Deals all month long!

From now through December 31st, we'll be highlighting multiple Renderosity Vendors each day and offering products in their store at 50% OFF! You'll want to make sure and check the Renderosity Front Page each and every day during the month of December to ensure your digital stocking is full of your favorite products.

Each sale will last just 24 hours (12am - 11:59pm Renderosity System Time) so it's important you check back often to ensure you find deals from your desired vendor.

Each and every product within the selected vendor's store will be 50% off.

Today's vendors are:


Tribal Designs by antje
Tribal Designs
Feather Brushes by antje
Feather Brushes
Merchant Resource - Seamless Old Wood by antje
Merchant Resource - Seamless Old Wood
Luna by antje
Clockface Brushes by antje
Clockface Brushes



MDD Lucinda for V4.2 by Maddelirium
MDD Lucinda for V4.2
MDD Azariah for G3 by Maddelirium
MDD Azariah for G3
MDD Jerica for G3/V7 by Maddelirium
MDD Jerica for G3/V7
MDD 5 Days of Ravage for V4.2 by Maddelirium
MDD 5 Days of Ravage for V4.2
MDD Endora for V4.2 by Maddelirium
MDD Endora for V4.2



Lilly V4 by Tempesta3d
Lilly V4
Logan G3M by Tempesta3d
Logan G3M
Marco by Tempesta3d
Becca V4 by Tempesta3d
Becca V4
Doris V4 by Tempesta3d
Doris V4

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