Check Out the New Mini Calendar!

March 19, 2010 9:37 am

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We Have Made it Easier to Keep Track of the Calendar at Renderosity!

At the end of last year we launched our updated Calendar on the site. The Calendar is a great way to keep track of community events, as well as see what vendors have put their stores on sale in the MarketPlace!

To help keep our membership up to date on happenings throughout the site, we have now launch the mini Calendar on the sidebar of the page. Just click the link for a particular date and you can see everything that's going on! Any dates in red font means there is an event for that particuliar day. Don't forget that you can also subscribe to the Calendar to get instant notification on new events. You can choose to receive email notifications by clicking the Subscribe link below the Calendar, and you can receive text message alerts on your mobile phone by clicking the Settings tab at the top of the Calendar page to set up your phone. It's that easy!

This is a valuable tool for all of our MarketPlace vendors, so we encourage you to use the Calendar to alert the community when you have something going on in your store such as a sale or new product release. It's free to use, and you can have your information up in just a few moments!

This is your chance to keep track of sales, contests, MarketPlace promotions and other community happenings. So don't miss out on the next big event - subscribe to the Renderosity Calendar today!

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Article Comments

vaia ( posted at 12:00PM Fri, 19 March 2010

Very nice addition :)

adrox ( posted at 12:56PM Fri, 19 March 2010

Good move, Now its more easy keep an eye !!

speculoos ( posted at 3:29PM Fri, 19 March 2010

Discreet but clever and useful. :)

AnnieD ( posted at 4:31PM Fri, 19 March 2010

Now maybe I won't forget its

Lakotariver ( posted at 6:21AM Sat, 20 March 2010

Ahhh, I can use this. Thank you

SilentMisery ( posted at 1:37PM Sat, 20 March 2010

Thank you, I love this addition. Much easier to keep track of things.

DRAKELOT ( posted at 4:08PM Sun, 21 March 2010

Xcellent, way cool !

holyforest ( posted at 8:01PM Sun, 21 March 2010

Very useful!

jeanne_50 ( posted at 7:32AM Mon, 22 March 2010

Good job! It's very easy to use and I don't have to get emails about upcoming events. Thank you. :)

adzan ( posted at 6:19AM Thu, 25 March 2010

am i missing something, it still takes you to another page to read what event is on and you can do that by going to the normal calender. Having the event listed under the calender when i click on a date would be more useful, or as a tool tip when i hover the mouse over each date

Iceshark39 ( posted at 10:12PM Thu, 25 March 2010

Fantastic idea! Thanks for adding it!

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