Celebrate with fabiana in the Birthday Bash Sale!

January 19, 2010 12:00 am

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Fabiana Is Throwing a Birthday Bash with Many of Her Products On Sale!

It's a Celebration! Renderosity Vendor fabiana is giving you the gift of savings with her Birthday Bash Sale! Get select products from her store up to 70% Off! Don't miss the party though - this sale is going through Monday, January 25th at 1AM server time. Unwrap some huge savings right here at Renderosity!

3D Models from fabiana Up to 70% Off

Beginning January 19th and going through 1a.m. the morning of January 25th, you can find the majority of the products in fabiana's store on sale up to 70% off! So make sure you crash this party and get awesome digital content in the Birthday Bash Sale today!

Sale ends at 1AM Renderosity System Time (CST) on January 25th


Here is a selection of products you can find right now from fabiana:

Simplicity Finesse for G3F by fabiana
Simplicity Finesse for G3F
AlterPlanets Iray by fabiana
AlterPlanets Iray
Simplicity Studs for G3F by fabiana
Simplicity Studs for G3F
The Swan G3F by fabiana
The Swan G3F
SummerFolk Pouch-V4 by fabiana
SummerFolk Pouch-V4

Questions? Please contact fabiana via Site Mail.

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Article Comments

Kerya ( posted at 12:56AM Tue, 19 January 2010

clonk That was my lower jaw hitting the floor ... THANKS!

dolfijntjes ( posted at 4:20AM Tue, 19 January 2010

Happy Birthday Fabiana :)

JeniferC ( posted at 11:16AM Tue, 19 January 2010

Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for sharing your special day in such a generous way.

EddyMI ( posted at 11:16AM Tue, 19 January 2010

Great - and: Congratulations!!

RGUS ( posted at 12:05PM Tue, 19 January 2010

Oh,oh, oh... too much to choose from... I'll have to get them all!

Zagora ( posted at 5:42PM Tue, 19 January 2010

Gonna be afk robbing a bank so I can buy your entire store! :D

zai ( posted at 11:38PM Tue, 19 January 2010

Happy Birthday Fabi! I'm off to shop!

jeanne_50 ( posted at 4:26AM Wed, 20 January 2010

Congratulations Fabiana. :) Love, Jeanne

STEVIEUKWONDER ( posted at 6:30AM Wed, 20 January 2010

Wishing yoy a very happy birthday Fabiana. Your after sales support is exemplary. Your work is also excellent value for money!

altmandee ( posted at 7:33AM Wed, 20 January 2010

Happy Birthday Fabi and thank you for this awesome sale!

papasmrfe ( posted at 12:44PM Wed, 20 January 2010

Happy Birthday Fabiana! ... and thank you.

warrent ( posted at 5:43PM Wed, 20 January 2010

¡Feliz cumpleaños Fabiana! ¡Besos!

hamstergirl4444 ( posted at 12:45AM Thu, 21 January 2010

Fabi, I hope you have a happy and creative birthday - and thank you!!!

fabiana ( posted at 7:34AM Thu, 21 January 2010

Thanks to everybody!!!!! tha birthday was great and the sale is going Cool! Thanks for the constant support, to customers, friends and admins :)

misthemes ( posted at 12:23PM Thu, 21 January 2010

Happy Birthday Fabi !!! Thank you very much !

yakchat ( posted at 5:44PM Thu, 21 January 2010

Thank you Thank you Fabi...wonderful sale, love, Carol/yakchat

StudioArtVartanian ( posted at 8:26PM Fri, 22 January 2010

happy birthday Fabiana :)

kira ( posted at 10:07AM Sat, 23 January 2010

Fabiana Happy Birthday! ... and thank you.

ArtbyAthene ( posted at 11:23AM Sat, 23 January 2010

Happy Birthday Fabiana :)

Diammy ( posted at 11:55AM Sat, 23 January 2010

Happy Birthday!!! Thank you very much!

Robertsim36 ( posted at 4:42PM Sat, 23 January 2010

Love your stuff Fabiana Happy Birthday :)

islandgurl31 ( posted at 8:34PM Sat, 23 January 2010

Happy birthday Fabiana.Love ur work and the time,detail,and sweat u put into your beautiful products :-).

Babajaga ( posted at 2:43AM Sun, 24 January 2010

Te deseo muchas felicidades en tu cumpleaños y mucha suerte en tu futuro! Saludos afectuosos Baba....

ABL ( posted at 4:56AM Sun, 24 January 2010

Happy Birthday to you and thank you so much for this sale! All of your artwork is so unique, exceptional and beautiful and I hope to see much more of it in the future!