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December 22, 2011 12:43 pm

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Holiday Contest 2011 Now in Voting!

Remember lying in bed as a child with anticipation of Santa's arrival? With your excitment reaching a fever pitch it seemed nearly impossible to fall asleep. After hours of stirring in your bed you finally drift away and dream of what awaits under your tree. You flashback to the past year - 'Have I been naughty or nice? Did the bearded man in red listen to what I had asked for?

As we get older, the Holiday may take on a different meaning but it's still easy for us all to reach down in our spirits and once again dream like a child.

What does the Holiday Dream look like to you? We'd like to see your Dream interpreted through art.

The year's theme: Holiday Dreams

Voting open now through Wednesday January 4th, 2012


Please click the appropriate link below to vote for your favorite entry in each category:







Here are some important dates regarding the contest:

Contest entries open: Wednesday, November 23rd

Contest entries close: Wednesday, December 21st

Community voting begins: Thursday, December 22nd

Winners announced: Friday, January 6th


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PandaB5 ( posted at 6:25PM Thu, 22 December 2011

Your animation category starts at number 0 instead of 1 - which means you cannot go to the next entry. However, I regret the .avi submissions wouldn't open for me. You may want to consider a youtube like interface where we don't have problems with the different formats. I suspect the 2nd last entry in writing was posted to the wrong category as it is an image or describing an image?