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September 25, 2012 7:02 pm

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file_486874.jpgBallistic Publishing's EXPOS? 10 in Review

Publication details:

  • EXPOS? 10
  • Publisher: Ballistic Publishing
  • Publishing date: October 9, 2012
  • Limited Edition: 978-1-921828-20-1
  • Hard cover Edition: 978-1-921828-19-5
  • Soft cover: 978-1-921828-18-8
  • Pages: 288 (LE/HC/SC)
  • Managing editor: Ronnie Gramazio

Jim Burns, Grand Master EXPOS? 10 "Homuncularium"

"I hope that this enables me to remain fresh and open-minded about 'directions' and I still promise myself every day that I still have my best work in me"
-Jim Burns, EXPOS? 10

For ten years now, Ballistic Publishing has been releasing a yearly collection of the finest digital art submitted to them by artists from practically every continent on the face of the planet, and now with the publication of EXPOS? 10, Ballistic is celebrating a decade of sharing brilliant digital art with the public. EXPOS? 10 is their crowning achievement with more art, more artists and arguably the most comprehensive collection of digital art ever published.


With 288 pages, EXPOS? 10 is the largest EXPOS? book to date, featuring 548 images by 380 artists, and first time artists to EXPOS? total 239. These are record-breaking numbers for Ballistic. In addition, as a way of celebrating Ballistic's anniversary, editor Ronnie Gramazio decided to focus on the global aspect of the EXPOS? series. The only continent not represented in EXPOS? 10 is Antarctica.

Mr. Gramazio has also included a world map which pinpoints the country of origin of each artist. EXPOS? 10 features a 10-page "honor roll" of every artist who has appeared in any issue of EXPOS?, along with the number of the books they appeared in. One glance at the world map shows you just how much cultural diversity there is in EXPOS? 10.

Three example categories for digital art in EXPOS? 10

An advisory board and jury is selected every year to decide what digital art to include in each EXPOS? book. This year panelists included Syd Mead, Chris Perna, Stephan Matineiere, Chris Sloan, Leigh Van Der Byl, Brom and eight other renowned digital artists. Twenty artists were chosen for the EXPOS? 10 Master awards in categories such as matte painting, science fiction, portrait, architecture, fantasy, concept art, environment, steampunk and more. EXPOS? 10 does a superb job of laying out each artist's work along with their background/history.

This year's Grand Master award went to Jim Burns, who I'm proud to say led me to read more science fiction books than I otherwise would have, because his book cover designs enthralled me. He began as a professional artist in 1972 and has influenced an entire generation of digital artists with his imagination and unique sense of style. His autobiographical sketch at the beginning of EXPOS? 10 is revealing and makes you want to know more about this special person.

"Last Kiss" by Adam Martinakis, Greece
Of course, each edition of EXPOS? always has quality digital art, but EXPOS? 10 has to be Ballistic's highest achievement. Page after page of jaw-dropping artwork enthralls us. Favorites include "Butterfly," by Magdalena Saramak from Poland, "Origami House: Porch," by Jorgen Langevad from Denmark, "The Old Man," by Zhangchendaxia Zhang from China, "Finding," by Mario Sanchez Navado from Spain and "Last Kiss," by Adam Martinakis from Greece. I was completely in awe of Jianhua He's "Intimacy," which depicts a cyborg leisurely browsing a 3D computer display in what looks to be a large, open office area. You get the feeling that it's late afternoon and the cyborg might just be drowsy. Brilliant characterization created with equally brilliant design. Easily my favorite piece in the entire book.

But my selections are entirely subjective and there are hundreds and hundreds of remarkable works of digital art in EXPOS? 10. Ballistic shapes each volume of EXPOS? to fit the type of entries submitted that year. This year they added a new category ?? Portrait (Illustration), due to the fact that there were so many entries in the Portrait category. I'm also delighted that they include categories for Abstract & Design and Whimsical, which are my favorites.

I can't say enough good things about EXPOS? 10. If you are at all interested in digital art, this is THE book to acquire for your library. EXPOS? 10 is filled with striking, evocative and beautifully crafted digital imagery by artists from all over the world. The care that went into color reproduction and book binding is obvious on every page.

"Intimacy" by Jianhua He, China

Ballistic is making EXPOS? 10 available in three flavors: Limited Edition (which comes with art print), Hardback, and Paperback editions. I received the paperback edition, and after a good deal of use in the last month, the binding is still flexible and tight. Publishing quality on the EXPOS? series of books is very high, so the books will last a very long time.

Head over to the beautiful Ballistic Publishing website where you can look through the entire book using their embedded reading application. Customers who purchase any edition of EXPOS? 10 will also get a free video download of artist Lua Hua walking though the creation of his fantasy artwork "Monkey King."

I congratulate Ballistic Publishing for a decade of publishing brilliant digital art. I'd also like to thank them for sending me EXPOS? 10 to review for

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September 24, 2012

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