August Vendor Showcase Sale | Day 7

August 22, 2011 12:30 am

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Vendor Showcase Sale!

Day 7

Here's a great chance to get to know a wide variety of Renderosity Vendors. Each month the Renderosity MarketPlace will showcase a handful of artists during the:

Vendor Showcase Sale!

It's Day 7 of Showcasing ten talented and popular vendors that have put their entire stores on sale.

Each sale will last just 24 hours (12am - 11:45pm cdt) so it's important you check back often to ensure you find deals from your desired vendor. Each and every product within the selected vendor's store will be

50% off!

Today's vendor is:



Learn more about British vendor: Fugazi1968 by visiting their artist homepage

Lil House by Fugazi1968
Lil House
i13 Dirty Dawg Uniform G2F/V6 by Fugazi1968
i13 Dirty Dawg Uniform G2F/V6
Toon Mouse Video Tutorial by Fugazi1968
Toon Mouse Video Tutorial
Fun with the Morph Tool 3 in 1 by Fugazi1968
Fun with the Morph Tool 3 in 1
Dynamic Skirt Pack by Fugazi1968
Dynamic Skirt Pack


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