August Vendor Showcase Sale | Day 1

August 25, 2012 12:30 am

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Vendor Showcase Sale!

Day 1

Renderosity's Vendor Showcase Sale has returned and we're excited to be highlighting 7 talented vendors from the Renderosity MarketPlace!

August Vendor Showcase Sale!

Beginning on Saturday August 25th, seven talented and popular vendors will have their entire stores on sale. Be sure to check the Renderosity Front Page every day for the rest of August and save big on products from some of your favorite vendors!

Each sale will last just 24 hours (12am - 11:59pm cst) so it's important you check back often to ensure you find deals from your desired vendor. Each and every product within the selected vendor's store will be

35% off!

Today's vendor is:



Rajasaurus DR by Dinoraul
Rajasaurus DR
Giraffatitan DR by Dinoraul
Giraffatitan DR
Shringasaurus DR by Dinoraul
Shringasaurus DR
Branchenia DR by Dinoraul
Branchenia DR
Barosaurus DR by Dinoraul
Barosaurus DR

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Article Comments

Lyne ( posted at 1:00PM Sat, 25 August 2012

OH MY GOSH!!! First of all THANK YOU, Dinoraul!! Your work is so realistic, so detailed, so worth it! What a rare treat to be able to buy so many more because of your joining this sale! Squeals and runs off to shop!