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Richardphotos          ”Oklahoma Sunset”

Richardphotos“, is the Renderosity community’s choice for the August, 2015, Artist of the Month.

Nominated from the Renderosity Photography Gallery, Richardphotos won the honor by a wide margin. AFter looking through his Renderosity Gallery, you can understand why he was such a popular choice. His work is detailed, well-crafted and striking.

A poet of outdoor spaces, Richardphotos loves to take pictures of the sky. And while many photographers attempt to capture the poetry of our skies, Richardphotos has the gift of seeing the shot: he invariably captures the shifting moods and looks of the heavens above us in photographs that could easily grace the cover of National Geographic. Just look at the image that heads this interview, “Oklahoma Sunset”, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Richardsphotos joined Renderosity in 2003 and since then he has uploaded over 7200 photographs and images for an average of nearly 2 uploads a day.

Richardphotos          ”Richardphotos”

“I went to college to train as a draftsman and worked awhile in that profession then decided I wanted to be on the move and been doing that since.retired from carpentry and painting now except for photography

I was on a Nascar/ Busch series race team based out of Austin,Tx as a photographer, many years ago and done photography for a company in Houston.I quit for many years but got interested in digital.I started with a Kodak 3.0 pixel and learned quickly it would not work for quality work. I now use Canon 7D and a 5D Mark III”

Interview with Richardphotos

Renderosity: I notice that many of your photos are taken in that place where the city meets the country/wilderness. Is this because you live in Texas and that’s what you see? Or is this a subject that simply interests you?

Richardphotos: I prefer insects/cityscapes,landscapes more than people

You have a real eye for animal and insect photography. I particularly love the butterfly photos you’ve done? How do you create these photos? What are the technical challenges? How do you find a shot like to?

I found the butterfly on a live oak tree that needed some triming along with several ladybugs. I find that I miss some things, but find them in my photos on the computer. one needs to have patience with insects as often the reflection of the lens scares them. Many times they will return to the same place, if one can be still. Dragonflies and Damselflies have the habit of returning to their same perch


You mention in your bio that you were on the NASCAR/BUSCH racing circuit as a photographer; is that were you developed your professional skills? It must have been exciting to catch all of that passion and speed at racing events?

My former employer”s Vice President wanted me to take pictures when his half ownership of a Busch type series car was racing. I took pictures at the former Texas World Speedway at College Station, Austin,San Antonio,TX and Shreveport,Louisiana.

I got in free and was able to go any where in the pits to get first hand captures. the crew would purchase pictures from the races I took paying for processing and film

Tell me a little about your process after you take a series of photographs; how do you select the good ones? Do you do much post-production on the images? If so, what is that process?

My priority are for pictures with good focus and composition. I am still surprised about what gets more attention than what I prefer out of the pictures I post including Poser. I do minimal post work with Paint Shop Pro and also I use Fast Stone Viewer also. a great little picture viewer that is free.

Wyoming          ”Wyoming”

Who are some of the photographers or artist that inspire or interest you? Over the years, I’ve been so impressed with Renderosity photographers, especially jeroni. Do you have a favorite artist at Renderosity?

Jeroni is definitely one and CavalierLady, blinkings, and kenmo. there are many that I follow

Speaking of Renderosity, you’ve been a member since 2003; that’s over 10 years! What is it about Renderosity and the community that keeps you coming back?

Actually 12 years. I like the friendships I have had over the years and miss those that have passed on. after forming a partnership with mapps, I became a vendor supplying textures for the products he designs

What are you working on right now? Do you have plans for the future with photography?

I am still going through pictures I took last June driving 5200 miles/ 9 states. as soon as the heat is not a problem I will be back out taking pictures

Be sure to visit Richardphotos Gallery to view the many wonderful photographs he has posted. Also, stop by the store he shares with mapps. There are some great items for sale there at very reasonable prices.

Richardphotos Store at

Artist of the Month Video

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Article Comments

EyeOfTheBeholder ( posted at 7:22AM Sat, 01 August 2015

Congratulations Richard,a very well deserved award.

Richardphotos ( posted at 11:19AM Sat, 01 August 2015

it is a huge honor for to be voted AOM. there are so many fine photographers that call renderosity home. I appreciate each and every member that I am familiar with and look forward to new members. this is a community of sharing artists and the quality of work posted is staggering

anahata.c ( posted at 12:56PM Sat, 01 August 2015

Congratulations Richard. You're one of the outstanding artists here, including your drawings, fractals, your 3D work and (of course) your wonderful photography. You work is filled with finesse, nuance, sweep, wonderful sensitivity, drama, and a lot more, and I'm grateful to have learned from it all these years. Congratulations---it's a very well-deserved honor!!! (And thanks to Ricky Grove for yet another fine intro, interview and beautiful video. You do us all proud.)

drifterlee ( posted at 1:30PM Sat, 01 August 2015

You are a wonderful photographer and I like your Poser work, too!!!!!!!!!

UteBigSmile ( posted at 1:48PM Sat, 01 August 2015

Hehehe Richard - Congrats dear Friend - It's very well deserved - I'm really happy for you!

evielouise ( posted at 4:22PM Sat, 01 August 2015

Richard ,Congrats to you as member of the month although I do not come in as often as I use to I peak in and I still get the emails and I love that your nominated because all your work is always perfection to my eyes and many others again. congrats!!!!

JeffersonAF ( posted at 6:04PM Sat, 01 August 2015

Congrats my friend.

RodS ( posted at 9:35PM Sat, 01 August 2015

Congratulations, Richard! Well deserved my friend - I always look forward to seeing your photos. And your Poser work as well!

StudioArtVartanian ( posted at 10:04PM Sat, 01 August 2015

Congrats Richard:) Very well deserved, Awesome work!

flavia49 ( posted at 12:16AM Sun, 02 August 2015


claude19 ( posted at 3:55AM Sun, 02 August 2015

I am very pleased that the community Renderosity make you homage. Since I arrived in 2006, I have always admired you as pous your creations, your scenes, but also for your skies! Given your intense activity all these years, it seems to me that only your desire to show was your guide ... I'm not as free as it some years ago, but for me you are a magnificent representative with works from the artistic world of this site !!! artistically your Claude

STEVIEUKWONDER ( posted at 9:32AM Sun, 02 August 2015

Very well deserved and long overdue! Congratulations Richard! I have always admired your work, especially the Dallas captures. Well done Sir!

T.Rex ( posted at 12:55PM Sun, 02 August 2015

Good going and I'm glad you've received recognition for your years of good work! I'm looking forward to your future contributions (even if I have little time to comment). Congratulations. :-)

Godin ( posted at 9:08PM Sun, 02 August 2015

So Happy for you Richard! :) Very well deserved. Congratulations!! :)

bugsnouveau ( posted at 11:24PM Sun, 02 August 2015

Congratulations on Artist of the Month Richard, I have been here since 2002 but never active until a few months ago. Your wonderful art jumped out at me immediately and while I don’t comment on everything I really enjoy all your work, especially the sky shots for which your talent shines. Now that I have the time to enjoy the Renderosity I am discovering many new (to me) people that make me smile and you are one of the first, thank you! Tom

MagicWeaver ( posted at 12:23AM Mon, 03 August 2015

you so diserved the honor sir, thank you and mike for all the wonderful stuff and the amazing backgrounds, I use them constantly on my desktop as my moods change constantly lmao, bless you!

rawdodb ( posted at 5:59PM Mon, 03 August 2015

Congratulations Richard... A well deserved recognition. Excellent Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

soffy ( posted at 8:54AM Tue, 04 August 2015

Big Congrats,Richard,I am so happy for you,this is so well deserved,you have a wonderful Gallery :))**************

mamota ( posted at 11:50AM Tue, 04 August 2015

Congratulations Richard! I admire your work.

Tempesta3d ( posted at 12:36PM Tue, 04 August 2015

Finally Finally FINALLY!!! I love your photographs, yoru soul, your artistic mind! Congratulations dear friend, VERY well deserved Richard! I am doing a crazy happy dance now, at the risk to look like a lunatic he he.

MarciaGomes ( posted at 4:08PM Tue, 04 August 2015

Richard congratulations you deserve, because you very talented, I admire your work.

frankman ( posted at 8:50AM Wed, 05 August 2015

Congratulations Richard!!!

prutzworks ( posted at 8:57AM Wed, 05 August 2015

congratulations, well deserved!

bobbystahr ( posted at 4:06PM Wed, 05 August 2015

Awesome as always and conga rats on an over due award. Well deserved man.

marciushess ( posted at 6:06PM Wed, 05 August 2015

Congratulations Richard, amazing work.

farmerC ( posted at 6:08PM Wed, 05 August 2015

Richard Congratulations, on ....... Your landscape photography is enjoying for me.

ilona ( posted at 6:36PM Wed, 05 August 2015

Very well deserved! Congratulations hon!!!!

StuartB ( posted at 7:34PM Wed, 05 August 2015

Well done Richard. Always enjoy seeing you new stuff.

kenmo ( posted at 7:48PM Wed, 05 August 2015

Well deserved my friend....

bakapo ( posted at 7:50PM Wed, 05 August 2015

Congratulations, Richard! Woo-hoo, this is awesome, I'm happy for you.

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