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A Few Words with Our Rising Star for June 2024: Romorovprivate

Jun 15, 2024 at 11:40 pm by PJeditor


Admit it. We as Americans have it pretty easy compared to much of the rest of the world.

Our Rising Star for June 2024, Ruslan Omarov, (romorovprivate), knows turmoil.  

He was born in 1975 in Uzbekistan when it was part of the USSR, and not long after he moved to Russia. Then came 2014 and, looking for better things, moved to Ukraine where in 2022 he fled again when Putin invaded.

“Now I live in Moldova, but I have no idea where I will end up tomorrow in these changing times,” he said.

Unfortunately, once again, Putin has threatened to move into Moldova.

“It seems to me now, Mr. Putin has a gargantuan appetite, and he prefers the steaks rare. Like most experienced refugees, I am trying to survive, bit by bit, restoring the earnings that I had before the war. In many ways it's like making a willow cabin in the eye of a hurricane, and although it brings a touch of athletic activity into everyday life and develops the flexibility - I'm not sure that at my age this matters anymore. But I also try not to lose optimism and look at myself and the world around me with a sense of humor.”

Lastly, with his usual Russian-style humor, he says that he’s “not sure that all this is worth re-telling to people who are expecting some kind of inspiring success story from the ‘Rising Star.’ But for me, the heavens are in perpetual motion, so today you are a rising star, and tomorrow a shooting one. But in the latter, one can at least be of benefit to people who, looking up, will make some kind of wish!”

Now to business…with some laughs.



What was your start in computers and what were the programs you first used while learning to create 3D graphics, and what are your favorite programs now?

I've been dealing with computers all my life, as long as I can remember. I know several languages, some as ancient as Latin (like C++ or Perl), and some still alive, like Java and Python, but I'm not a particularly successful coder, although I've been involved in a few web-projects. Apparently, I lack talent or sexuality enough for such a career. I became seriously interested in 3D modeling about 10 years ago, as a hobby, starting with Blender, then ZBrush, Marvelous Designer and Substance Painter. I still use all these apps in my work.


What is your workflow designing images?

Well, I usually start with the idea, then spend an unreasonable period of time for beating around, making it look like I'm gathering references – just for salving my conscience. Then, with a terrific effort of will, I force myself to launch the Blender and do something in reality.


What kind of 3D artwork do you most like doing?

Mostly, they’re clothes and some historical props. But I have a dream, and I devote a lot of time to it. I'm trying to create a set of automatic morphs that would anatomically accurately reproduce the plasticity of the human body, depending on the pose. I guess I'll never finish it, but I have a couple of free models on this topic on BTW, I think I should move them here, to the free section, along with the rest.


How did you transition your interest in digital art to production of commercial works?

Oh, it's a dramatic story. One day I turned my wallet inside out, gave it a good shake, and almost immediately realized that the moment had come when I should find a way to transit my interest in digital art to production of commercial works.


What are your favorite projects to create and what has been the most successful for you?

As I said before, my favorite project to create is a set of anatomically correct JCMs, but most successful for me are the clothes and other stuff.


Are there other artists that influence your work or have mentored you?

Why, there is a legion of them. From Michelangelo to Hokusai, I believe. As for 3D-artist here, I absolutely admired the works of DM, 1971s, coflek-gnorg - the list can go on forever.


What motivated you to become a vendor?

Every artist needs an audience — first and foremost, I mean. Like every living person is in need of breath and love. Otherwise, what is the point?

I have been doing 3D modeling for 9 years. So far, I've made freebies for DAZ Studio, mostly Gen 8 characters and dforce clothes and props. Now that I've been convinced by the feedback that my work is of high quality, I'd like to try selling some of them.


How did you make the decision to become a vendor at Renderosity?

A friend of mine told me that it's almost an ideal site for vendors, and indeed I made sure of that personally!


How has Renderosity made a difference or helped in your growth as a vendor?

Here's a good time to say something. I really appreciate the editors' efforts to help newcomers, and the care and attention I met here. I've never faced anything like this before. I'm very grateful for this!


What are some products you want to create in the near future, and what goals do you have in mind as a vendor?

Well, I think I ought to finish my Renaissance line of wardrobe, firstly. I still have to make a cloak, for example. This is what I promised to my customers.  


Any last thoughts or comments?

Oh, I don't know. Let's create more good human-made 3D-content before AI develops enough to take over this niche in the arts too. 




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