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Speaking with Renderosity’s Vendor of the Month for June 2024: Cybertenko

Jun 15, 2024 at 10:20 pm by PJeditor



Getting out from behind the Iron Curtain was all Robert Blanda (cybertenko), our Vendor of the Month for June, 2024, wanted as a young man. “I was born, grew up and still live in Prague in the Czech Republic. My dream in life was to live at least for a while in another country, but unfortunately that didn't come true,” he said.

Cybertenko spent his time in a country where they only heard “fragmentary” news about western countries, and the rest of the world, as if it was happening somewhere extremely far away. 

“We all probably believed that we will never know this world, but then there were social changes, and the world opened up to countries that were satellites of the Soviet Union, so we had the opportunity to get to know Western countries and the United States personally. It had been my lifelong dream to visit California, in particular, which came true a few years ago,” he said.

As a student at Prague’s Charles University, he studied art and history but eventually devoted himself to his work as a journalist in a local press agency. That eventually led to him being in charge of reporting on the Czech President Václav Havel, with whom he maintained an ongoing relationship.    

“Now I work in the prison service of the Czech Republic as a press officer, in charge of the production of the departmental magazine, PR, web, recruitment and similar things.”

On to the questions:


What brought about your interest in computers and then digital art?

Since the development of computers in the nineties, I have been playing computer games. Later, I came across the possibility of creating my own landscapes in the Bryce 3D and Vue programs. I started with them, but so far only as a user. Then I moved to Poser from there. I have wanted to learn modeling for a long time and tried several times but never succeeded. Finally, I found the Hexagon 3D program, which is far from perfect, but I started with it and stuck with it. Today, I also use other programs such as Blender or Marvelous Designer which are very robust and in the case of Blender, really very powerful, but the controls are so complicated that if I don't work with them for a while, I forget everything again!


Describe your offerings and your style.  

In modeling I'm fascinated by complex things like weapons, vehicles, architecture, complicated clothes or various curiosities and oddities. I must admit that this enthusiasm does not make the work of the modeler easy, so lately I've been trying to find things that are perhaps not so difficult to make, but instead, have a certain charm, either because they are forgotten, or something unusual, or something else that interests me. I'm still trying new work methods and new procedures. Above all, Blender, with its many tools, opens up a whole field of products that I wouldn't have dared to try before. Although the opposite is also true, many of my first models I probably wouldn't dare to make today because I already know how complicated work would be on them. As to my style? Strange complex things, eccentric and strange things around us.


How or why did you decide to become a Renderosity vendor?

I started at Renderosity as a customer and creator of images. When after some time I learned to create models as well, it was logical that I tried to offer it primarily here.


Do you have someone you look to for inspiration or mentoring?

Yes, I have a whole host of inspirators and creators that I admire here on Renderosity and elsewhere. It is certainly mainly coflek-gnorg, who showed me that even sci-fi themes and techniques can be successful on Renderosity and not get lost in the flood of female characters and clothes. Then recently deceased PhilC (Phil Cooke) helped me a lot, as well as Vladimir Chopine and his GeekatPlay site helped me learn the basics. I also have many personal friends on Renderosity, many of whom I have unfortunately never met in person, but maybe someday it will work out; for example, Tempesta3d, Renapd, Jenn Blake and Applejack, who is the only one I have had the opportunity to meet in person.


What is the typical workflow on a new project?

My typical workflow is that I get excited about something and make a rough 3D model that I save so I don't forget about it. Then, I am working here and there on this and that. Sometimes, I get idle for weeks or months before it makes any progress or is completed. I can have twenty or more things in various stages of completeness left in this way. Then, I usually go through them from time to time and the one which has the best chance to be finished first wins, and then I only focus on it – or three to five others. Sometimes it also happens that something comes to mind, I sit down to it and within a few days it seems to be done as a matter of priority. Due to the fact that I have a fairly wide range of interests, from weapons, to vehicles, to architecture, to landscapes, to clothes, I always work on what I am most in the mood for.

What future plans do you have?

My creative ambition is to gradually finish everything I have started!


What advice do you have for someone who wants to become an artist/vendor?

I would tell beginning creators not to be afraid or shy to ask how to do this or that, because I was afraid and shy for a long time. I puzzled over various things by myself instead of asking someone. Above all, follow what you enjoy the most and what you have the greatest passion for. In the end, there will be customers who will appreciate your emotional investment in the work. And that is the real thrill of creation; to pass on to someone, not just a model or a tool, but the excitement and enthusiasm with which you made the thing.


What last comments or thoughts do you have for us? 

Do everything for the goal of being an actual community, not just a store or gallery, but a place for meeting different people from all corners of the world, united by the same interest and enthusiasm. I’m glad I can be part of it.




I enjoyed reading this!! Thank you Robert!
Congratulations on your nomination: you deserve it! Thanks for sharing with us.
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