Poser Pulse - Poser 13 Release

Mar 30, 2023 at 09:32 am by jennblake


Feel the Poser Pulse getting stronger!


Unleash Your Creativity 


Feel the Poser Pulse getting stronger as we announce the arrival of Poser 13 for Windows. 

This is the initial public release of Poser 13 with a Mac version coming soon!

        So, what can you expect to find in this new release of Poser 13?  Keep reading to find out!

  • The SuperFly render engine has been updated to utilize the latest open source Cycles engine.
  • Many new exciting Post FX options have been added to apply to your rendered images.
  • In the interest of better productivity in rendering movie sequences, the animation rendering system has been updated.
  • Queue Manager with GPU rendering on remote nodes will allow you to create your own render farm for faster production.
  • Poser now comes with a launcher so you can choose among various ways to start working.
  • Both the Walk Designer and Talk Designer have been updated to be more compatible with all figure types and also support imported libraries.
  • Adaptive sampling has been enhanced for faster renders.
  • The Denoise Filter can now be fine-tuned to denoise SuperFly renders.
  • HDRI environment rendering for SuperFly is supported.
  • Realistic 360-degree VR-like environments inside Poser are now possible with the improved Shadow Catcher and included HDRI environments.
  • Creating clothing has been made easier with improvements to the morph and weight map copying system.
  • The new Poser 13 installer is only 1/4 the size of the previous version, making installation more streamlined.
  • Poser's content library allows one-click installation of included and store assets.  Content from Poser versions over the years (over 25GB!)  has been  updated and re-organized. 
  • The online help system works in your web browser enabling translation and bookmarks.
  • A PDF version of the manual is available for download.

Check out the product pages for more!

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Fantastic! It was the very first 3d program I ever used and is still like my very first love. Xmas is here already!
Does it still have the always-connected requirement? Not interested, if it does. First time activation, sure -- constant need to check in, not a chance.
What about the clothing room and the dynamic cloths ?
If only Daz Studio new content could be installed and used in this new Poser 13. I'm just coming back from a long absence (10-11 years) where I only used Poser. Now I have to learn Poser again and Daz Studio. I'm only a hobbyist not a professional, so I hate that I have to use both to get the best use of all the content out there....
I love Poser and use it in my Soulpaintings for Years. Since I own a Mac Studio now I am also better equipped for Animations. Hope the new Talk Designer in Poser 13 also goes with Victoria Characters.
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