Artist of the Month for June 2021 - Carole70

Jun 01, 2021 at 06:00 am by gToon

Our artist of the month for the month of June 2021 is Carole70. Carole has been a member of Renderosity since 2009. She is both a creative artist and a vendor. Her gallery has wonderful scenes and landscapes that are fantasy-themed. Her work reminds us of the great Romantic painters like Caspar David Friedrich: full of wildness and beauty. Her Renderosity store is filled with background illustrations that are also rich in color and evocative. We love the fact that she often shows the photo of the actual place she used as inspiration for her landscape. 


We congratulate Carol70 for being voted the best artist of the month! We have a brief interview to share with you and a video gallery of 12 items from her gallery. Visit her gallery and store if you please. 

Renderosity: Tell us about yourself: who is Carole70?

Carole70: I am a digital artist from the region of Montreal, Canada, I studied Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal (mainly photography and painting) Later on in 2013 I had my diploma in Graphic Applications in Desktop Publishing to perfect my technique in Photoshop. I am a fan of 2D and 3D drawing.

You obviously love the fantasy genre: what got you interested in fantasy?

Carole70: Since my childhood, I have always loved the fantasy genre. I preferred illustrated books with strange and magical creatures. During my youth, I only draw creatures and characters. Now I create landscapes with an atmosphere that matches the character's mood. The fantasy universe allows me to escape from everyday life.

Do you have any favorite fantasy authors?

Carole70: George R.R. Martin, Andrzej Sapkowski, J.R.R. Tolkien, Ken Follett (more historical)

What software do you use and what is your workflow on a project?

Carole70: I used various software like Photoshop, Daz studio, Terragen. I usually started with a sketch on Photoshop that I transform to obtain the result that I need for myself or for customers. It’s like a puzzle that I put together. My source of inspiration can be anything that I see: a photo with a unique light in it, something that I see outside that caught my eyes, music too, sometimes I can see an image from it.

Are there fantasy illustrators you admire? How about at Renderosity?

Carole70: On various websites: Jonas DeRo, Wlop, Alexgorov, Conar Cross My favorites artists at Renderosity: Morris, Didi-mc, Sveva, and many more! So many good artists and variety here.

Do you have any advice for artists who want to create in the fantasy genre?

Carole70: The landscape is a very important part of a fantasy illustration. It set the mood for the story. Train yourself to be a good world builder.

Any final thoughts?

Carole70: Thank you so much for choosing me! It is a great honor!


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