Announcing our first vendor-sponsored contests!

DTHUREGRIF · September 13, 2000 2:15 am

ThralLord is sponsoring the first of our vendor contests, and this is your chance to win some outstanding prizes. Actually there are two contests! One here at Renderosity and one on our sister site, Renderotica. There will be 3 winners at each site. How's it work? One or more specific materials by ThralLord must be used prominently in each entry for each contest. The specific materials required are any of those in the following Bryce 3/4 materials packages found at the Renderosity Online Store Majick Mail 8 Pack Majick Iron Chainmail Majick Rope & Chain 16 Pack Majick Variety 12 Pack Majick Bronze Scale Majick Coinmail Majick Conchomania (This image shows just two of ThralLord's materials in some quick test renders I did. They're applied to Nerd's Dreamsuit (part of one of the incredible prizes offered). I'm sure you all can come up with some fantastic images! These materials have all kinds of possibilities.) Consideration will be given by the judges for image compostion, creativity, ingenuity in the use of the "Majick" material, and for overall visual impact. Contest begins September 15, 2000. Final entries must be posted to the appropriate Renderosity or Renderotica Contest Forum by September 29, 2000. Entrants may replace or revise their images up until that entry deadline. Entrants should delete posted entries that they have withdrawn or revised. Judges will announce the winners on October 6, 2000. Decision of Judges is final. First, Second, and Third prizes will be awarded in both the Non-Erotic and the Erotic contests. Winners of the two Grand Prizes will each receive a set of both "Fastanation Vol. 1" and "Fastanation Vol. 2" CD-ROMs (Bryce materials and objects) from Chemical Studios ($75.00 retail price), plus a choice of any two prize packages from the Prize Pool. Second Place winners get a choice of three prize packages from the Prize Pool. Third Place winners may choose two prize packages from the Prize Pool. Each winner will also receive an award graphic suitable for posting on the winner's Website. The prize pool includes some outstanding prizes, most contributed by ThralLord's fellow Online Store vendors. For complete contest rules and a full list of prizes click here

Article Comments

randrade ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 13 September 2000

I think it's wonderful that a contributor is sponsoring a contest with prizes. However, whatever happened to the standard "no purchase necessary" clause usually found in these things? From the look of it, contestants must use a product only available via purchase. Hmmm... rules out alot of potential contestants. :(

KateTheShrew ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 13 September 2000

I think you should have mentioned on the front page that this contest is only open to Bryce users so I wouldn't have wasted my time reading it. Kate (who doesn't own Bryce)

Cazcie ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 13 September 2000

So this contest requires a purchase in order to enter?

DTHUREGRIF ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 14 September 2000

Kate, it does say Bryce Art Contests in the lead line on the front page. :-) randrake & Cazcie, the standard "no purchase necessary" clause applies to sweepstakes, which this is not. This is a judged competition with very specific criteria for entering and winning. If you don't own Bryce or any of ThralLord's materials, I guess that would mean you have to make a purchase. If you do, you don't have to make a purchase. It's really not any different from Zygote's calendar contest or The Pillsbury Bake-off. You could say you have to make a purchase to enter those, too. If you don't own Poser, you can't make an image that fits Zygote's criteria for winning. And you can't win the Pillsbury Bake-off unless you use Pillsbury products in your recipe. ThralLord has 4 of his materials for sale at 4.95 each. Any of those can be used in this contest. They are wonderful products, and well worth the price. It's a very small price to pay for a chance at some really terrific prizes, and whether you win or not, you've still got a very cool Bryce material to use in thousands of other images.

ThralLord ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 14 September 2000

Folks, considering the Prize pool is contains so much neat stuff, I don't think that a required purchase of as little as $4.95 could be considerd onerous by any reasonable standard. ; ) Someone's going to win the three prizes in each of the contests, and walk away with a lot of value in prizes. As I post this message, no entries has been posted. It's all up for grabs. By the way, Mobius just today authorized me to add his Alora figure to the Prize Pool! -- TL

mobius ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 14 September 2000

Hey Diane, I went to go into the rules section...i was um doing it at work and I got screened because of SEX! Smartfilter seems to think that sex is part of the rules page? Oh well, I guess I'll have to look from home.

digital-lee ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 14 September 2000

I have to say that i own bryce and the materials mentioned are not a part of the bryce software so i guess i would have to purchase them so i guess your wrong there DTHUREGRIF. And besides these materials seem to be used as clothing material and what good is that for bryce unless your going to import poser figures?

Cazcie ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 14 September 2000

Well ThralLord...I think that that is cool however I don't own bryce and there for the cost for me would be way too much.

ThralLord ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 15 September 2000

Sorry about that, Mobius! When I first started by Website, I reported my whole domain to every screening system I could find, and the rules page is part of that domain. I will list both rules and prizes on each contest forum just to cover problems like you encountered. I'll get to work on it tonight. Again, sorry!

randrade ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 15 September 2000

I am not complaining - and I think the prices are are quite a good deal. And I SALUTE ThralLord for organising and sponsoring such a contest! I was just a little caught off-guard and disappointed, that's all. :) As for Zygotes calendar contest - they do give away a free model every week and Pillsbury's contests only require that their products be used in the recipe's (no real purchase necessary) :) BUT - I do not wish to debate - I think it is GREAT what ThralLord is doing. I have Bryce. I don't have his materials and I would purchase them for the incredibly fair price he offers them for, but I just don't use Bryce very often - and therefor, can't find a genuine use for them. I just blew $40 on the Cathedral in the renderosity store - only wish it weren't a Bryce model - but I NEEDED it (and it IS worth ever red penny) - but now I can't uninstall bryce because of need. HAHA

ThralLord ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 15 September 2000

I have now set up the Rules & Prizes page on a different host system. My ISP has a crash of some sort on the server that hosts my main Web site, where the Rules page had been located. The service has been intermittent at the very best. Thanks to Diane, the link above has now been changed to reflect the new host for the link. I'm sorry for any inconvenience due to the outage on the Rules page. If the above link failed for your earlier, give it another try now. It should work fine now! -- ThralLord

chrisp2 ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 16 September 2000

I suspect that the entrants to this contest will consist of folks who have already purchased the materials required. Though I have no doubt that ThralLord's material are worth the price, I also feel that this is more in the realm of a promotion than an actual contest. May I respectfully suggest that Renderosity sponser a real contest, maybe offering the winner a spot on the site entrance page for their picture, in lieu of a "contest" that costs the entrants money?

ThralLord ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 17 September 2000

Dear chrisp2: These contests are both promotions AND genuine contests. It requires only a brief look at the prizes to see that many of them have far higher prices than the required Bryce materials. The idea for this contest came independently from myself and another vendor, not from either the former or the present management of Renderosity. The contests are intended as vehicles for us vendors to promote sales of our products and have some fun in the process. If you know of a better, more enjoyable, or more natural way of accomplishing this, I'd like to hear it. I personally paid for the CD sets for the Grand Prizes. All the other items were donated for the contests by my generous fellow vendors and myself. These contests are a grass-roots effort to promote the use of our creations by the community, through rewarding those who best use them. There is no hidden agenda here -- everything's out in the open. To see this as being somehow improper is just wrong. You seem to think that these contests are an example of something like corporate greed. If so, you must have no idea of how ludicrously minor a typical vendors' income actually is. I'll plead guilty to ego, however. I do feel my stuff is very creative and novel, and valuable to Bryce artists. I'm willing to go to quite a lot of trouble and personal expense to introduce my stuff to you folks, because I do believe it's great stuff, and I really want to see what you can to with it. Lighten up. Nobody's forcing anyone to shell out a whole $4.95 or to enter my contests! (Vendors get 50% of the sale price, by the way.) -- ThralLord

typeboy ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 18 September 2000

I honestly don't know where this contest is home based, but I do know for a fact, that in California, contests that require a purchase are considered a lottery, and therefore illegal. It would probly bother people less if there was a $5.00 entrance fee for the contest, and you got your choice of X number of free textures you had to use in the entry. An ad agency I worked for tried to have a "contest" to win a car, but you could only enter if you bought one of their houses. We got a nice letter from the state saying it HAD to be no purchase necessary, or it was an illegal lottery. Go figure.

ironfixer ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 19 September 2000

Hey! Lighten up everyone! There are plenty of contests that CHARGE an entrance fee to be in the contest. Now just look at it as you are buying some material that will be used again and again, and not just something to do for this contest. I have an awards program at my site, for images made by Bryce. That doesn't mean that I am making anyone go out and buy it to have a chance for the award, just that if you have or are getting Bryce, them you may get one! Same thing here folks.

ThralLord ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 23 September 2000

Please note that I have moved hosting of BOTH contests from Renderosity and Renderotica. I am now hosting the contests myself on "neutral" ground at: I have also extended the deadlines for both contests. The contest remain otherwise essentially unchanged, as do the prizes offered. Please go the link above for the latest details! -- ThralLord

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