And The Winners Are....

November 1, 2010 9:08 am

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And Now The Results For The 2010 Halloween Contest!

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in this years event! Hopefully the Renderosity community enjoyed a safe Halloween Holiday by avoiding all the ghouls and goblins that this night seems to bring.

We had some great submissions this year and the selected winners will be walking away with tons of great prizes.

Please find the winners of the appropriate categories listed below.

3D / Animation

2D / Photography


Congratulations to all the winners and, once again, a special thanks to all those who took the time to either submit an entry or cast a vote of their favorite work.

Winners will be contacted and any questions can be sent to

We don 't want to forget and would again like to thank all of our generous contest sponsors. Make sure to visit these sponsors to get the tools you need to win the Grand Prize!


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Article Comments

JeniferC ( posted at 11:18AM Mon, 01 November 2010

Cpngrats to all the winners. Lots of amesome images...even those that didn't win. Thanks to everyone for participating. I always enjoy seeing the talent in our community. Hope to see you all next year!

IO4 ( posted at 12:37PM Mon, 01 November 2010

These are tough competitions - congratulations to all the winners!:):)

Cimaira ( posted at 1:41PM Mon, 01 November 2010

All were wonderful entries! Congrats to those that won!

rebelmommy ( posted at 3:39PM Mon, 01 November 2010

Congrats to all the winners! Awesome submissions in all the catagories!

KimberlyC ( posted at 3:40PM Mon, 01 November 2010

Congrats to all the winners. All the entries were awesome. :)

Digital_Mischief ( posted at 6:16PM Mon, 01 November 2010

Congrats to the winners. May you enjoy your toys!

thundering1 ( posted at 9:23PM Mon, 01 November 2010

Congrats to the winners - cool images!

nikisatez ( posted at 10:36PM Mon, 01 November 2010

WOW! some awesome images. Congrats to all who won!

YorkBerlin ( posted at 11:06PM Mon, 01 November 2010

Herzliche Glückwunsch allen Gewinnern! Wunderschöne Arbeiten!

leehilliard ( posted at 2:07AM Tue, 02 November 2010

incredible work in all the categories.congrats to everyone.

nightsong ( posted at 11:33AM Tue, 02 November 2010

Congrats to everyone that entered and everyone that won!

shonsu ( posted at 1:20PM Tue, 02 November 2010

Congrats to all the winners. I thought the Alligator in the Sewer epitomized one of the coolest things behind Urban Legends.

SGT2005 ( posted at 11:11PM Tue, 02 November 2010

Congrats to all the winners. Well Mention to those that participated. Just goes to show you how wonderful a community we have.

yellowhand ( posted at 8:15AM Wed, 03 November 2010

The winning entries were great. Like someone said above even the non-winners were also. Hard choices to make.

-Wolfie- ( posted at 10:02AM Wed, 03 November 2010

Wow, I somehow missed the Mary Moore entry! That is brilliant work! Congrats to all!

mikeerson ( posted at 11:43PM Wed, 03 November 2010

I voted on the employee costumes and LOVED that a chart came showing who was ahead on the votes... ANY CHANCE you can hook that up to the Halloween contest in the future? I for one would like people to know that I did my art piece in the contest.. I think in the future after the contest, you could post the thumbs just like they are but put our names under them? ...and one more time I'd like to suggest that the animation gets it's own catagory - I don't know by looking at the thubs which might be animated or not. I viewed only 2 animations this year... and the one that took 5th place should of taken first - animation is so time consuming - that's my opinion, and I'm stick'n to it. any chance for a RE COUNT??? I really wanted that drawing tablet - lol

MRX3010 ( posted at 11:32AM Thu, 04 November 2010

Everyone did a great job and some top notch entries but I don't think some understood exactly what an "Urban Legend" was. I saw a lot of entries that were spooky and quite good but in no way were anything close to the theme, it would have been great to see more actual legend inspired pieces. Well done though, you all did a great job!

HellboySoto ( posted at 10:01AM Fri, 05 November 2010

I'm so glad I won something! Mikeerson, I wanted the tablet too! lol But I'm very happy with what I got! (yay! Painter 2!) Thanks to everyone involved and congratulations to everyone who entered! :)

nolang ( posted at 5:35PM Tue, 09 November 2010

congrats to all of the did an awesome job!!!

calum5 ( posted at 5:44PM Tue, 09 November 2010

Well done everyone:)