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December 15, 2006 12:00 am

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  • Post-Work Lighting Tutorial
    This tutorial focuses on relatively simple techniques that will serve to dramatically improve the lighting in many of your scenes. Suitable for: 2D Graphics, 3DS MAX, AMAPI 3D, Bryce, Carrara / Raydream, Cinema 4D, JASC Paint Shop Pro, LightWave, Maya, Poser, Rhino 3D, Strata 3D, TrueSpace, Wings 3D, Z Brush.

  • Vote For February 2005's Artist of the Month!
    Cast your vote for your favorite Gallery Artist of the Month for February 2005! This month we highlight 3DS Max Gallery. The winner will be interviewed and highlighted on the front page for the month of February.

  • Introducing Renderosity Communities!
    Learn about our new "Communities" section, including what's launching and what's coming down the road...

  • MOOOW - January 2005 AOM!
    Congratulations to MOOOW for winning the AOM. Read on for our interview with MOOOW...

  • Splutterfish, The Orphanage, Autodesk Media, McNeel and Associates, and Archvision Team Up at Siggraph
    Splutterfish, The Orphanage, Autodesk Media, McNeel and Associates, and Archvision Team Up at Siggraph

  • 10,000 Free Stuff Items!
    Our community has achieved another major accomplishment. We now have 10,000 Free Stuff Items available at Renderosity! Come join in the fun!

  • Vue Fusion Streamlines Vue Integration!

  • Review of RTSquare plugin for 3dsMax
    "RTSquare by GPUTech, and available in the Renderosity Marketplace, is a rendering plugin for 3dStuio Max versions 6,7 or 8."

  • Siggraph 2004 in Summary
    This year Siggraph was held in Los Angeles. It seemed a fitting place for an event that can best be described as Hollywood and Las Vegas collide with technology and art on steroids. Here are the highlights and headlines that emerged from this gathering of creative innovators.

  • Creating The Lady In The Grey Tower
    Our second excerpt from Issue 2 of the Renderosity Magazine is Ken Brown's discussion of the steps he undertook in creating his image "Lady of the Grey Tower."

  • 2004 Holiday Giveaway
    This is the time of year for giving and once again the Holiday Spirit has touched the MarketPlace Merchants. Renderosity is very excited to sponsor the 4th Annual Holiday Giveaway. Available thru 1/3/05!

  • Animation Alley - Shade 7 Professional, Reviewed
    Shade 7 Professional is a 3D design tool brought to you by the people of Curious Labs. After spending some time getting hands-on experience with this program, nemirc, gives us his thoughts about the package from the standpoint of a Maya animator and Poser 4 user.

  • Latest Industry News
    A summary of all the latest news from around the industry.

  • Digital Elements Inc. - WorldBuilder 4
    Renderosity WorldBuilder Forum Moderator and artist, Alfons [Alfons Blom], reviews Digital Elements Inc.s WorldBuilder 4. Giving you a look at the program from a WorldBuider's Pro's point of view.

  • Paula Sanders Report - greenworks XfrogTunes
    Continuing her exploration of greenworks' series of Xfrog software, Paula reviews XfrogTune ... a companion product to Xfrog and/or for any of the XfrogPlant Libraries in which there are trees or models that consist of tree and leaf components. How does XfrogTune reduce polygons? Read on ...

  • Renderosity Reaches 1 Million Gallery Images
    Renderosity Art Community Reaches 1 Million Gallery Images

  • 2003 Holiday Giveaway
    This is the time of year for giving and once again the Holiday Spirit has touched the MarketPlace merchants. Renderosity is very excited to sponsor the 3rd annual Holiday Giveaway.

  • Paula Sanders Report - Vue 5 Infinite - Part 2
    Part Two - Paula delved deeply into the amazing high-end 3D scenery solution for illustrators, SFX studios, architects, and 3D Computer Graphics professionals ... Vue 5 Infinite by e-on ... and produced a two-part in-depth article that surpasses a mere review, including a few Vue tips and tricks along the way.

  • January 2006 MOM mytilus
    Congratulations to mytilus for being Renderosity's MOM [Merchant Of the Month] for January, 2006. We invite you to read his MOM interview...

  • The Paula Sanders Report - Xfrog 3.5
    Paula is back this week to review Xfrog 3.5. This outstanding 3D graphic program is used for the modeling and animation of organic natural materials, such as: trees, shrubs, flowers, as well as creating unusual abstract models. Dont wait to jump into the Xfrog review!

  • iClone, You Clone
    Want to create your own digital identity? Find out what Reallusion's iClone can do for you! Read on as Sergio shows just how easily you too can create and animate your own digital identity.

  • Ballistic Publishing's Expos4
    "Expos4 published by Ballistic Publishing is the latest in a series of computer graphic image showcase publications. Daniel Wade and Paul Hellard came together to produce this fine record of the best of the best of digital images."

  • Piratas en el Callao [Pirates in Callao]
    Recently Peru released Piratas en el Callao [Pirates in Callao] adapted from a children's book of the same name Piratas is considered to be the first Latin-American 3D movie. Sergio took time out from his Animation Alley duties, to review Piratas for you ...

  • Renderosity Free Stuff Artist - specs2
    We continue our monthly series of Getting To Know Renderosity's Free Stuff Artists. This month's featured Free Stuff Contributor is Christian G., who is better known on Renderosity as specs2.

  • Paula Sanders Report - greenworks' XfrogPlants - USA Southwest, v2
    Rounding-up her greenworks' series of Xfrog software, Paula hops into another review, this time exploring XfrogPlants - USA Southwest, v2 ... one of the many Xfrog collections of Plant Libraries. So jump into the fun with Paula, as she avoids getting her Wacom Tablet stuck on a Prickly Pear.

  • November 2005 MOM danae
    Congratulations to danae for being Renderosity's MOM [Merchant Of the Month] for November, 2005. We invite you to read her MOM interview...

  • Graphic Tales from the Road: An Interview with Rudy Sarzo
    The journey continues as with another Graphic Tale from the Road as we explore the "Dual Expression of the Creative Mind" with infamous bass player: Rudy Sarzo! who has played with Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Yngwie Malmsteen and is now a member of the multi-platinum Heavy Metal group DIO...

  • Lon Chaney ~ January's Artist Of The Month!
    Congratulations to Lon Chaney for being voted January's Artist of the Month! Click here to read his interview...

  • UV Mapping And You
    Our first excerpt from Issue 3 of the Renderosity Magazine is by Lyrra...

  • Create Breathtaking 3D With Maya 8
    "Autodesk finished the acquisition of Alias in January 2006. Since then, there had been questioning on whether or not Autodesk would continue developing Maya. This SIGGRAPH, Autodesk answered that question by unveiling Maya 8 3D software. Maya 8 comes packed with some nice new features, and a special gift for 64 bit PC users."

  • Paula Sanders Report - Review - Maxon BodyPaint 3D Release 2.5
    Paula Sanders Report: This week Paula reviews Maxon's amazing Bodypaint 3D Release 2.5. Check out the new features in this release, with UV tools that could increase your workflow. product review by Paula Sanders - Sr. Staff Writer

  • "What's Cooking on Renderosity" - KenG
    "What's Cooking On Renderosity" by Sandy Castle. Nature-artist, KenG, has "Gone Birdy," and we are glad he did! Ken Gilliland [KenG], respected Renderosity artist and merchant, joins Sandy in the first of a two-part interview. Join in on the fun, as you get to find out "what's cooking" with KenG.

  • Living In Three Dimensions
    [Interview with Meats Meier]

    "Ever wondered how it feels to be a professional 3D artist? We got the answer first-hand from one of the leading 3D artists in the world!"

  • 3D Nature's World Construction Set 6
    3D Nature's World Constructions Set 6 [a Geographical Information System (GIS) based landscape creation program] is based on a spherical planet using longitude and latitude, and can be used to create still work as well as animations. Paula reviews WCS 6 from an artists viewpoint.

  • Bonnie Mitchell SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery Chair
    Bonnie Mitchell is an artist, a teacher of art, and an inspiration to artists. Her works are not only visual delightsthey touch all the senseswhich makes Bonnie the perfect match for this years SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Chair.

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